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    How to improve serviceability

    Thanks everybody......... Thank you Biggle, your advice is very helpful. Zezza: Very true, Why we let ATO have our money for 12-14 months. Thanks. Kristine: You solved my actual problem by providing the name and form number. And Thanks Bigtone, D Money and Rolf for help...
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    How to improve serviceability

    Hi all, We have 3IPs and a PPOR. For the Year 2009-10 my taxable income was $124K. Last year tax refund was @15K and this year it is @16K. I read somewhere that I can ask my employer to cut less tax every month and pay me $$$ more (16000/12=1333). So, it will show in my bank statement that I...
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    How can I claim depreciation for half year?

    Hi, I am answering my own question, please correct me if I am still wrong. I did some research and asked questions to online account gurus and found that...........(1) We can claim full premium If paid annually in advance, If paid monthly , the total of monthly payments made in the tax year...
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    Second Job

    I don't have second job but, now I am thinking to earn more money by changing job or finding a second job. The Reason - We put an offer for 5th property and 2 banks declined loan, actually they were happy to lend but L M Insurar said NO. Combine income is $140K and rent income $59K. LMI say our...
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    How can I claim depreciation for half year?

    Hello everyone, It is TAX time and I have two questions. (1) IP -1 settlement on 7th Dec 2009 and IP-2 settlement on 31st Dec 2009. Should I claim Landlord insurance premium for 206 and 181 days? Or we can claim full premium? (2) We have got Depreciation schedule for both the properties...
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    Sometimes life throws a curve ball....

    I believe in GOD. I stopped for a while, thinking of you both Penny and Amy I am praying for you. I am sure....... ‘He will cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you will find refuge.’ (Psalm 91:4) We are with you..................
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    BankWest, the bank of opportunity for FHB

    I jast received an email from broker that P&N approved 95% loan on $265K but mortgage insurer declined it. So my broker is trying with Bankwest. Is it easy to get loan and MI, if we choose 90% insteade of 95%? Can they work on same application if we ask for 90% loan? Sory, it seems I tried to...
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    PROS & CONS ? Pregnant daughter in law wants us to move with them in our IP.

    Thanks Marg, It is not a bad option in my view but still lots of discussion is needed with my BH before we make any decision. and by charging half of the rent, I can not get any benefit as I will be paying 45% tax on PPOR's rent (no tax deduction).
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    PROS & CONS ? Pregnant daughter in law wants us to move with them in our IP.

    Thanks, Willair. I am thinking the same way. I will discuss with my BH.
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    PROS & CONS ? Pregnant daughter in law wants us to move with them in our IP.

    We haven't discuss that matter yet because my wife does not want me to ask or say anything as DIL is pregnant. I think, my wife will buy groceries, cooking, cleaning etc and I will be doing other household works and bills will go from our account. It will be a tough time for me, if we choose...
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    PROS & CONS ? Pregnant daughter in law wants us to move with them in our IP.

    Thanks Rug rat, I can not save tax as I am on 45% tax bracket. I need to pay tax on income of PPOR and can not get tax deduction. We have not thought of hiding anything, Just need a solution. Cultural back ground: East Asian
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    PROS & CONS ? Pregnant daughter in law wants us to move with them in our IP.

    Thanks for suggestions , My response of the questions are hi-lighted in RED. Thanks
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    PROS & CONS ? Pregnant daughter in law wants us to move with them in our IP.

    Thanks Twobosworth Yes, We have 2 more IPs but they are on one year lease and they are 5 BDR and 3 BDR. My daughter in law wants to live with us, she does not want to live separately till her delivery.
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    Mining on MOON FIFO or FUFD?

    I work for a Mining/Construction company doing FIFO. During last RDO we were drinking & discussing about future of mining and FIFO works. One of my friend made a good comment, he said forget FIFO, we will be doing FUFD (Fly Up-Fly Down)soon. He explained. There are plenty of minerals on MOON...
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    It is possible get a loan for New Australian Permanent Resident?

    If your are a PR visa holder, you can buy a property with FHOG and no need to wait for 2 years. You should have a permanent job and some 10% or more saving. I migrated in Sept 2007 and got loan approval for PPOR in Dec 07 and settlement in Feb 08. Mortgage broker can help. Thanks
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    Good solicitor in Western Australia

    Glenn McMillan Spirit Settlements P O Box 1666 Canning Vale WA 6970 Ph: (08) 9456 3396 Fax: (08) 9456 3387 Glenn did 4 settlements for me, A+++++ and helping nature.
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    White guilt and racism double-standards

    One of my project superintendents used to say, "I like you but I hate Indians, but I am not recist". I cann't understant if someone makes this type of comments and says I am not recist. Hard to believe. Thanks.
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    Perth for $400K?

    I wornder why no one mentioned Riverton, Willetton, Parkwood, Ferndale ,and Lynwood. They are @12K-14K from CBD, Good bus services, bus connection to Bull creek and Cannington train stations. I bought 4 properties in these area. Easy to rent, Good schools. Thanks.
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    Anyone attending the Dymphna Boholt talk fest Feb 6 in Sydney?

    Hi, Anybody from Perth on 20th Feb 10. It will be my first investment seminar. Thanks........
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    When do we start to worry?

    Hi, When we bought our IP in Langford WA in Dec 09, the rent was only $225 for a 3 bdr. The average rent in the suburb was $290. Our PM lives and works in a top suburb so she just listed our property for $350 per week. First week open home and no one visited the property. I asked her to check...