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    To sell or to hold - need advice

    Hi, Bit about myself first. I have been living in the UK since 2007 and am planning to come back to aus and settle in sydney towards the end of 2011. I own two properties in canberra: Property A - principal and interest, owe the bank around 290k and would now sell for 400k. Also i wouldnt...
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    Housing Affordability in Australia

    Hi, Recently a survey was released (Demographia international housing affordability survey) which listed the sunshine coast as the most unaffordable (in terms of ratio of house prices:income) in the world. There were many other australian cities in that survey and Aus is definetely one of the...
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    Accountant and depreciation schedule in canberra

    Hi All, Currently living in London but have 2 IP's in canberra. Wondering if anyone could recommend an accountant with a good understanding of IP's and isnt too expensive? Also i got a quote to get a depreciation schedule done for my properties and it was over $1k, anyone used someone a bit...
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    Variable v Fixed

    Hi, Just had an offer accepted for my first IP :cool: (i have another house but its my PPOR). Im thinking of getting a variable loan. My line of thinking is that even if labour comes in power i dont think interest rates will go up too much due to the strong economy and todays labour is not...
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    Is this Unethical?

    Recently found a house which was to be my first IP (current house PPOR) in a high demand suburb. I put an offer down on the house which was the asking price. Got a call back from the agent who said several other people have put down offers that are the asking price and if i could fax a final...
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    Dillema! What would you do in my shoes?

    I am planning to buy an IP. My PPOR has accumulated enough equity for me to be able to use it as security for my IP purchase. However it gets a bit complicated as i am planning to head off to the UK to live, work and play for a few years around July. Once ive set myself up with a job and place...
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    Canberra Property Question

    Any high capital growth areas in Canberra where i can still get a avg 3 beddy for >350k? Also for ppl living in Canberra region, what do you think the prospect of growth is for Queanbeyan?