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    Earth cannot stop people go crazy!

    You mean she meant to bid $8.1m?!?
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    USB charger causing death

    This story sent a shiver down my spine... A few years ago, my wife and I were interstate visiting her parents. We were due to fly back home and I went to use my Mother-In-Law's new laptop to check in online. I was sitting on the floor and it was sitting on the floor in front of me. I...
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    Fence Retaining Issues

    We had an issue with a collapsing retaining wall between our place and our neighbours (we're the higher of the two). In discussion with the council (Brisbane City), they told us the responsibility depended on whether the "lower" block was cut into the natural level of the terrain or the...
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    Watch that Paypass - dody banks

    Was it NAB? There's something on their website about transactions doubling up on the 7th and 8th of Feb (I think it was those dates). Apparently they'll be reversed appropriately.
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    New credit rules - 5 days late - black mark on credit filecredit file

    You almost certainly give them that permission to do so when you sign up to take their money for a loan or apply for the loan. Whether you bothered to read what you've signed away is a different thing.
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    First World probs

    I have two First World Problems but I'm only allowed to raise one of them in an online forum. :(
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    Meriton Vendor Finance

    If you have no choice, I'd suggest it's a worse idea still...
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    Illness and mortgage

    Why would you choose to have a decent sized mortgage without appropriate insurances for protection?
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    Options/share trading

    Sounds great! What could possibly go wrong?!?
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    What happens if you die before settlement?

    Just another typical Wednesday afternoon in the Gremlin household. :p
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    First World probs

    That's hardly fair! I'm also good at reaching things on the top shelf and... ummm, well... hmmm... Did I mention that I can get things off the top shelf?!?
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    Fluking the Big One

    I met someone through work once who had the job of phoning people who had won the Division One to tell them. I made mention that it must be pretty uplifting telling people that their lives have changed. She replied that it brought out the best and worst of people's emotions. One of the most...
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    Trusts to protect real estate in case of divorce

    You can go through private arbitration if you like. You can offer her any number of IPs in this scenario that you like. Whether she accepts it or otherwise will then be entirely up to her (with perhaps influence from her lawyer). If she's unhappy with this, there's every chance you could end...
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    Hey!! Don't insult the King like that! :mad::p
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    Time condition in the contract

    I'd put an offer in writing expiring at midday Sunday. It's not to your advantage letting them judge the interest from the open house. Get the offer to them at 9am Saturday morning. Don't let the REA bully you otherwise.
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    Fence - who gets to pick the flat side?

    I've had two fences (different neighbours) that have needed mending in the past 18 months. It's a huge relief to have neighbours who have been keen to get things sorted with minimal fuss and argument. Good neighbours are worth a lot!
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    Worth the risk?

    If it sells in your price range will it be because it's a bargain or because there's something wrong that everyone who has done DD is aware of but you're not? You make the call...
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    A high interest account to dump our cash?

    I would go for a high interst online savings account. Where are you seeing 6.5%? What risks are attached? I'd be considering ING, uBank etc for reasonable rates.
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    Building and Pest

    Depending on where it is, the local council may publish flood maps online.