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    Picture of Yourself

    I wouldn`t mind sharing a cold pizza with you either. :D, But I`m far to far away:p. A guy should be proud to have you on his arm;)
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    New Budget Kitchen

    Hi Aimjoy, That was to make up a bulkhead and install overhead cupboards as well, plus nothing is cheap here, everybody wants their cut too (big cut) :D
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    New Budget Kitchen

    I have just put in a kitchen from Bunnings, you buy the cabinets in flat packs and put them together yourself (easy as) comes with instructions, cost me about $3,000 plus another $1,000 for my mate to help me install it. My old kitchen was the woodgrain look with lime green benchtops, now it`s...
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    What's Your Day Job (if any)?

    I operate most of the things that make dirty big holes in the ground :D