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    Borrowing for IP's using HDT

    I read with interest that one of SS forum members is selling IP out of their HDT. Because of land tax issues, running costs and Funding issues. So for a normal PAYE employee what is the best way to structure a portfolio of IP's for your future estate planning. What about obtaining finance is...
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    Bank of China here is Aus!

    Hi did anyone know that we have a new player in Australia the Bank of China with reasonable loan rates. check out the link is this for real?
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    Steve Navras LOE strategy!

    Anyone here used Steve Navra strategy and lived to tell about it? He discusses using Property and Shares for your wealth creation and LOE. With Property as the Capital Growth and Shares as the Income. Anyone used him pre Credit Boom and now using him Post Credit boom. Would be...
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    Selling old PPOR to Trust

    Hi can anyone please advise on the following and if it is still possible to do, In the near future I would like to sell my existing PPOR to a Trust and borrow 100% withdrawing as much equity as I can on my new PPOR so I have a smaller non deductible debt. Would I also put my new PPOR in...
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    What benefits for borrowing more than 1M

    Hi mortbrokers is there any benefit given to investors if they borrow more than $1m in investment Debt? I have read somewhere that discounts are 1% off the variable is this correct or not?
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    Shares or Property!

    Hi any suggestions about what if you can't afford to purchase another property but could shares, what would you purchase? I am thinking of purchasing another IP but maybe not enough cashflow to hold it or equity. but maybe able to purchase shares. Any suggestions?
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    FreemanFox - Peter Spann

    Anyone here used his company for wealth creation and ideas?
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    Do I need I a Trust!

    Hi to all the Accountants here! I have a general question regarding using Trusts to hold properties, Shares etc. I am a PAYG employee married with family etc. I have spoken to some investors who have bought alot of properties in their own names and have not used Trusts to hold them...
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    Mixture of IP's & Shares for LOE income

    Hi just want to ask anyone here if they have used the services of Steve Navra with his combination of buying properties and shares together to create financial indepence within 10years. Also for LOE My understanding is that you would purchase IP's for capital growth and purchase shares for...
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    Understanding How LOE works!

    Hi can anyone advise me on where or who i can ask questions about LOE. I am quite keen to understand how long it would take to build a property portfolio on an average wage. Would you also buy shares and managed funds together while building your portfolio. Or would you build portfolio...
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    Property Savy Accountants in Perth!

    Hi does anyone know of any property accountants in Perth who understand HDT, and property investing in general and who actually owns a portfolio of properties and can help with SMSF etc etc............
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    purchasing freehold with business attached

    Hi can someone please explain exactly what freehold means with business attached. does it mean that the land is for sale also, and what would the bank lend against this would it be more than 70% thanks
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    Purchasing small retail shops

    Hi Dazzling i was wondering if you can put me in the right direction. I am interested in purchasing a small retail shop for a small business but i am not sure if i should have some residential IP's behind me as back up. and advice please on how to go about purchasing first Commerical property.
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    how to purchase new PPOR

    Hi i am interested in buying a new ppor but don't want the debt to big so i can pay it off quicker. Currently have 1 ppor and 1 IP crossed loans. Value of PPOR is about $540k with $200k owing and have IP worth about $380k with $448 linked to it including LOC so total is $648 owing. I am...