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    Investor focus should switch to Queensland - Terry Ryder

    you are right....but not just in Queensland, he has predicted the whole lot of Australian towns may be......but there are no shortage of takers, he must have lot of probably much in demand too.......probably that's the reason for his unrealistic price hike....recently...
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    For about 1 million ???

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    For about 1 million ???

    I spoke with Andrew couple of months ago and he was quite busy at that time in his personal venture.....but "not returning the call" might have been an oversight.....usually he is quite good ........ Secondly, the nature of the real estate is that you can't entirely rely on one person to the...
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    For about 1 million ???

    I live in Sydney and I have few IP's in Sydney and Melbourne. Most of these are just standard IP's (Houses on torrens title blocks). After doing a hands on project (an Owner builder for my PPOR... about 900k project..., which I enjoyed doing, and feel I did well...and got a good value out of...
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    Doonside - something wrong

    Can anyone explain how will the BLEP 2013 going to impact the addition of Granny flat. on a house. I have house at Curran Road Marayong, it'a 650 sqm perfactly ractangular block with a small fibro housr at the front. I wish to add a granny at the back, so won't it be a good idea to lodge the...
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    $250,000 Investment Property

    Strongy1986, So if I was to research the suburbs in the purchase bracket of around 400k, which suburbs would you recommend .... Thanks.
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    Melbourne's heating up...

    what about the far flung areas like Melton, wyndham vale and the likes , have they stopped their backward march...or still going backwards.....a little while ago, the valuations there were coming 5-10% less than what they were couple of years ago.... I wonder if the ripple effect will ever...
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    Melton, West Melton, Brookfield........????

    Melton, West Melton, Brookfield..... these used to be some of the hotly debated investment areas in the years gone by... What's going on with them now a days ? I think the property values have gone down in these suburbs, in line with the other similar west Melbourne suburbs like Wyndham...
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    Sub-division consultants in Campbelltown/Liverpool area ??

    Dear Folks, I want to sub-divide a block of land in the Liverpool/Campbelltown area. The council I have to deal with is Campbelltown council. Can someone suggest me any consultants to undertake this work for me. I am after someone experienced and who won't cost me the earth to...
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    West Sydney

    Will it be short lived or long term positive trend in Western Sydney, Your views ?? All this heightened interest in Western Sydney areas on the back of low interest rates etc. has led to dramatic increase in the RE transactions and as a result the prices going up-wards sharply. BUT in your...
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    Gillard govt. Scrapping Negative Gearing !!

    Hi, Folks this is the link, which got me thinking about the whole issue. Sanjeev
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    Gillard govt. Scrapping Negative Gearing !!

    I think he got me, it's been an April fool prank, Nathan you cheeky p#%€k. Ha Ha Ha, it was good: Sanjeev
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    Gillard govt. Scrapping Negative Gearing !!

    You are correct, this seems so absurd, I just read a post from Mr. Nathan Birch on facebook with a link to Yahoo news which clearly says that Gillard govt. Abolishes negative gearing w.e.f 01/07/11. It seems so wrong and against the current circumstances, this is the reason I posted here to...
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    Gillard govt. Scrapping Negative Gearing !!

    Just Heard, Gillard government scrapping negative gearing, Is that true ? What will be the implications ? Find below the link I found about this news item, posted by someone on facebook
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    Colorbond roofs ???

    Dear Friends, I am building a home in Sydney. I am observing that more and more people are now building the relatively flatter Colorbond roofs rather than the traditional brick/concrete roofs. In the contemporary/modern design, I would say, they look pretty good, for sure. BUT at...
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    Cost to build double story in sydney

    When you calculate per square meter price, are we calculating the covered floor space or does it include everything including, porch, balconies, alfresco etc which are a part of a normal/modern home. Sanjeev
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    Blacktown area ? Good Prop. Manager ??

    Hi Folks, I wish to rent out a house in the Blacktown area of Sydney, at Marayong to be precise. Can you please suggest good property manager?? How much do they roughly charge ? Thanks. Sanjeev
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    Good Architect for Liverpool (NSW) council area.

    Hello Folks, I wish to build a House as an owner/builder in Liverpool council area. The block which I have purchased is a bit irregular and thus I need the services of an architect to design an appropriate double story designfor me. Can some one suggest me some good architects or draughtsman ...
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    Hi, I have been trying to open this article but couldn't open it, Is it possible you may copy and paste the article here. anisavvu
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    HI All, What's the sentiment up there in Gladstone, Rudd and Julia's mining tax seems to have been a real dampner for the real estate market. Is the market sluggish at the moment & thus it's just a lull before the storm ? No one even posts in the Gladstone thread now a days, which is...