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    Ceiling turning black

    Hi Guys, I am not sure where to put this, and it relates to my current place of residence and not an investment property, but I think you guys could really give me some advice or insight into this issue. I currently live in an old house, Victoria/Edwardian style house. The house is well...
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    Landlord Insurance Recommendation

    Hi all, With so many companies out there offering landlord insurance, what have people found to be comprehensive and good value? Couldn't find a comparison website. Thanks!
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    Tax Depreciation - Complex Construction Cost

    I am completing a form inorder to obtain a depreciation schedule. I am having trouble obtain the unit complex's initial construction cost. Could anyone advise on where to obtain this information? Also where it ask for the building size, does that mean it is asking for the land size, or the...
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    Canberra/General buying question

    Good morning people, New to the Canberra property market and is planning to bid on a property on the coming Saturday. Though I do have a few questions that I hope you guys can shed some light on. The property will be my PPOR, but on the contract it will have my name (never owned a property...
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    Where to start to self manage a rental property

    I am currently in the process of moving to a new house, and is going to rent out the current place. Previously i have thought of renting through a PM, though reading on the forums PMs dont seem to do much and the charge is quite high. Can anyone point me to some place with good materials on...
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    Owner Finding Excuses

    We bought the property almost 12 weeks ago, with a settlement of 12weeks. 10% deposit was paid on the day and is held at the realestate agent. Just coming off the phone with my solicitor, she told me that the owner prob cannot settle on the set day as she said they do not have or cannot find...
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    Does Sydney councils subsidise repairs on heritage listed properties

    I currently own a heritage listed property in Ashfield Municipal, i read in other threads that some councils will match dollar for dollar on repair to keep it in the original condition. Does councils in sydney do this?