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    ANZ reduced interest rate by 25 basis point Will others follow...
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    Westpac 0.7 discount for loans between 150 to 250

    Now westpac is offering 0.7 discount on their rocket loans, it was 0.4
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    Just want to ask fellow forumites about their recent home loan discounts, any attractive discounts in the market? Preferable from the big four. I am thinking of refinancing my current loan, I am with Westpac on 0.7 discount.
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    3 year old house, crack on the outer brick wall

    My house is 3 year old. I bought a year ago without doing building inspection, now there is a crack on the outer brick wall, I don't know what to do..., any advise is highly appreciated. I wish to upload photo, I am not sure how to add photo. Thanks APK
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    F52 OR F62 Mesh for a Concrete (6 mtr X 9 mtr)

    I have couple of quotes for a patio area to concrete 6 X 9 metres. I am not sure which one to use F52 mesh OR F62 mesh, can anyone help??? Thanks APK
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    :confused: Do you pay commission to MB to get a loan

    I went to see a mortgage broker for our first IP. I told I am looking for a 200K property, he said its hard to get 100% loan because we recently bought PPOR (300K, 230K outstanding) he advised for 95% IO loan fixed for 3 or 5 years. He asked $1000 as his commission for getting me a loan...
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    IP Now or Later

    I got to know about this forum from BE forum, started reading most of the posts almost everyday. Just started learning about IP, yesterday I borrowed Peter Spann's from broke to Multi Millionaire in 7 years. I bought PPOR in May for 300K, paid 15% deposit to avoid LMI. I have 20K in my...