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    Staying motivated

    Wobbly Carly - Well I have just been rentrenched from my job in the building industry, got PPOR and IP's and a family to feed. So I am 100% motivated not to be a centrelink hero and lose everything. I am seeking a new job asap so I can get investing again. But in the meantime apart from that...
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    Forget about trusts!

    So people how come finance was not really discussed here with regard to Trusts. I remember reading on another forum that if you have a Trust set up it is generally harder to access finance. Is that True? As one of the broker said here that if structured correctly you can access more finance...
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    Property Development Course

    When doing small development - You will need to get council approval first to see if you can subdivide the block. Then get a feature survey done from land surveyor See private town planner if you wish and get them to make sure you can approvals through the planning commission and...
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    final ruling on hybrids

    ANy comments from Chan & Naylor or other Accountants who were previoulsy selling these Trusts. Would be interested to hear thoughts on this ruling.
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    Peter Spann Strategy, anyone made it?

    Give me $100k a year tax free and time to do what I want anytime! I will gladly take instead pretending to be happy while I am poor and can't afford the necessities in life! Heres to being Happy, financially comfortable better than unhappy and poor!:D
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    How to structure discretionary trust for asset protection

    What I am reading is it is more important to see if you can get the finance for your IP deals before you set up any Trust Structure. Also to make sure that you can claim losses if negatively geared. So what do others do for estate planning in the future! Do you think of this before purchasing...
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    Living off Equity

    Landlubber great to see someone with a positive note. Also good to see someone actually undertaking the strategy. Do you use spreadsheets to monitor your expenses etc. How do you approach the bank if you need more money without a working income in this current environment. I am still a...
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    Borrowing for IP's using HDT

    I read with interest that one of SS forum members is selling IP out of their HDT. Because of land tax issues, running costs and Funding issues. So for a normal PAYE employee what is the best way to structure a portfolio of IP's for your future estate planning. What about obtaining finance is...
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    How to Start Investing ???????

    My 2cents worth. It is better to borrow for an asset than a liability! You got nothing to lose if you purchase a property that you believe that you can hold for a few years at least 5yrs. If it to much to hold don't purchase it, but if you can hold it and if 5 years if it is the same value well...
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    Will there be more to choose from soon?

    What about Perth, do people still think it is overpriced, some of the houses i am looking at have been sitting on the market for over 12months and still can't sell and the price is still the same.
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    Is IO loan the better way to invest in property than PI?

    So in the end it is really better to pay off your PPOR If you want to purchase future IP's, instead of having all the money sitting in your Offset account reducing your interest bill.
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    Bank of China here is Aus!

    Hi did anyone know that we have a new player in Australia the Bank of China with reasonable loan rates. check out the link is this for real?
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    Does anyone do a IO loan with offset account??

    What are the charges for setting up the Offset Account with full transaction rights. There is always a cost! who is the cheapest!
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    GE Home Loans

    Yep me to waiting to get out of RHG! yeah 3 months to go!:)
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    Want another reason to invest?...

    Well might as well get in on the action. My thoughts and attitude to wealth is - 1) have enough income to do what I want and when I want 2) Spending enough so i don't go broke to early 3) Saving, Investing and Travelling and enjoying life while young and fit enough.... Don't want...
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    can anyone become wealthy using Peter Spann

    So Peter what your saying is we property investors are doing it all wrong and it is a very slow way of getting wealthy or financially independent. What would you suggest for people who are not sure about managed funds and shares.. Just buy hold and pray for long term capital growth. I am...
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    Financing a Business

    What if the Franchise is quite new..... from overseas.... Do the banks usually lend at least 60%? They would prefer some resi property if that was offered i bet.
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    LOE taxation query

    So how do people here propose to leave their jobs, when they have enough passive income if they don't use equity. What else would you use for income if you were not working. Shares/Trading or selling properties to gain cash......
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    "Global" tax for Aussie expats from July 1

    I wonder what will happen if you retire and go travelling over seas for a couple of years all the while you have investment properties etc earning you income. Will you be taxed on this income also while away on holiday and not currently working?
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    What is it you are after?

    Great thinking Somerville - I am in the same boat as you! waking up every morning to an alarm which tells me have to get up get dressed drive in the rat race competing to get in front of each other so they can get to work earlier than me. Then sitting down at a desk all day putting up with...