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    Hi All, Newbie here:) I am keen to invest/trade in the Brisbane property market. Whom should I talk to get the best education? Thanks for your time.
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    Moving to brisbane

    - Thanks for the replies people. It made me think what areas are good to settle in. I only know one. Reason I am looking at south of Brisbane coz just went there for a holiday at my wife's friend house - Springfield lakes - and I liked the area. We liked it so much we are thinking of...
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    Moving to brisbane

    Thanks for your advice people. I was thinking about other Oz cities such as Melbourne & Sydney, but prefer the sunshine and the developments sth of Brisbane. We have a couple of friends there.
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    Moving to brisbane

    Hi folks, I'm moving to Sth of Brisbane with my wife, any good areas to live in?