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    You should NEVER sell!.....or should I??

    So you have 7 + 1 ppor = 8 total How then do you have 5 left if you sell 4?
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    Dangling plastic strip thingies.

    Try looking in your local discount Variety store, especially around December January. Not sure which ones you have near you, something like Crazy Clarkes (or similar?) When we owned a variety shop, we used to sell them (just a couple of years ago, not all the way back in the 60's!) We only had...
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    Silly Decision Three Years Ago. Cut Losses?

    Guys, you're gonna make Rolf blush!
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    Coffee Snob...

    Haha yes, but this way she earns extra SACE points as well!
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    Coffee Snob...

    Yep, guilty! So much so that I sent my 15 year old daughter off to Tafe tonight, her first night participating in a short course on the art of espresso coffee making. (No I am not joking) It's time she learns to use the "big shiny silver machine" in the kitchen. (Again, not joking, this...
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    Building in Blakes Crossing SA

    Just curious, will council regulations actually allow you to build a house that leaves such minimal yard space?
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    Anyone tried "stick-on heat Pads" for back pain?

    Hi, I'll vouch for the Nurofen adhesive heat packs. They don't contain ibuprofen but simply have some ??? natural minerals that heat up when exposed to the air. Great for pain management and much more convenient than lugging a hot water bottle around! :cool: The link you posted looks to be a...
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    Where to invest in Adelaide?

    Haha no! Whilst there are a couple of dirt roads around Myponga, Main South Rd has been bitumen since as far back as I can remember all the way to Yankalilla etc! So Terry has earmarked Aldinga huh? Hmmm... our investment eggs are in the Aldinga basket so I sure hope he's right! - Whilst the...
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    Just made an offer!

    Great news! Glad you're happy, Happy! When is settlement?
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    Dilema - Christies Beach in SA or Umina Beach inNSW

    Distance Umina to Sydney is approx 90K's. One hour?? will take your word for it. :) Distance from Christies Beach to Adelaide 25k's 30 mins. This area has had a good run of CG recently though - perhaps it's gone off the boil a little?
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    The big trip. Choosing an appropriate, reliable 4x4 and tow.

    My vote is for a nissan patrol or pathfinder - be sure it's diesel though.
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    Some recent stuff

    AA, Maybe have a look at Drifta kitchens! They are awesome systems, I have one in our camper trailer and the whole thing is set up in seconds. W2BW my bias is toward the camper trailer if you truly want to explore off road, but then again we sell them for a living so the bias is strong...
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    visiting Vietnam in Oct any suggestions

    How exciting! Yep agree with Pushka, get up to Hanoi and Halong Bay if you can. Amazing! However I would do an overnight stay on a junk boat if possible. Ocean Tours were excellent to deal with.
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    ADSL recommendations

    Many thanks Sim! - Helpful as always :) I will check out internode and see what they have to say about incorporating mobiles in the future.
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    ADSL recommendations

    Sorry Sim, I was vague wasn't I? :o We currently have voip. We use about $15 voip per month. We prepay it in $60 chunks and top it up as needed. We have 10GB internet with our local provider. This is the expensive part! I envisage needing up to double this amount in the next year or so...
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    ADSL recommendations

    BUMP! Hi All! Who are you good folk using for adsl2 atm? Who do you reckon has the best bundle etc? Any thoughts appreciated as always! Regards Jo
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    CGT (6year rule) question

    Thanks Terry, Tarah & Dan, Your comments and make me more confident that our thinking is in keeping with guidelines! Useful info Tarah, =D appreciate it!
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    CGT (6year rule) question

    Yeah, most people SAY one year. Just trying to find any evidence of this. The link to the ato site only refers to relevant factors including the "length of time the taxpayer lives in the dwelling" No indication of time is discussed (that I can find...) Thanks for your input though Francesco :)
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    Quick capital gain calculation for those less maths challenged than me

    Maybe it's back to school for us both! I'd have thought the is payable on PROFIT-$200k in your scenario Held for more than one year = discount 50% therefore taxed on $100k which will be added to income in the year of sale. Regardless of whether your borrowings are outstanding or...
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    Neighbours gum tree overhangs onto roof. What to do?

    Hmm, :) actually, I think they were almond trees... but I have no idea if there were almonds on them or not. If my memory serves correctly, he actually got the advice from council to lop off the offending branches and then place them on the church yard. He was just doing as advised - no one...