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    Building Report Not So Good

    Hi Guys, I was just after your view on a Building and Pest Inspection Report I just received. The report says that 11 of the concrete stumps need replacing as they are severely cracked, the shed out the back needs major renovations. the floor of the house is not level and he recommended a...
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    Depreciation - Self Evaluation or Schedule?

    Hi All, I have a contract on a post war 1959 place at the moment and I understand that I can't claim any depreciation on the building itself but it has a recently installed new roof, a new small deck at the rear, new carpets in 3 bedrooms and I will be installing a new kitchen, new tiles in...
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    Hi Guys - Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea as to what is a fair price per square metre for tiling a kitchen and dining room floor Thanks Mick
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    New Budget Kitchen

    Hi All - I need to put a new kitchen in my first IP - It is in Brisbane on the north side. Can anyone recommend a good budget kitchen/cabinet maker in the north side area Thanks Mick
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    Putting in a new kitchen - before or after settlement?

    I have an offer in on my first IP :) It needs a new kitchen and I am not sure when I should put it in i.e. should I put it in just prior to settlement even though I won't technically own the property or wait until after settlement. If I wait until after settlement would I put a tenant in and...
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    There is a place in Banyo QLD - 12km from Brisbane CBD - 600 sqm - within walking distance of the train station and local shops - 3 bedrooms but one of the bedrooms is more of a sunroom that can be converted into a small bedroom - is $380,000 a fair price in the current market? Thanks for...
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    5% Yield in Brisbane? Where?

    I have read over and over again that investors generally won't accept anything below a 5% yield but where in Brisbane is this possible if you are buying house and land? Property prices have surged but rentals appear to be limping behind - any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mick
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    What's Your Day Job (if any)?

    I have been inspired by the stories but are you all millionaires by day or clerks? Im an inhouse counsel at an iconic Australian company
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    Glenvale - Toowoomba

    I have noticed that there are some new and relatively new properties for sale in Glenvale Toowoomba for very reasonable prices and the rent obtainable appears to be quite good. Is anyone able to shed any light on this area as to whether it represents good value, what locals think of it and...
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    I have $400,000 available and I want to buy an IP in SE QLD and I was wondering if you could help me? If you had $400,000 available to spend on an IP in SE QLD: 1. What suburb would you buy in? and 2. What would you buy? Any help/insight you are able to provide would be greatly...
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    Rent versus Loan Payments

    Is there a general rule of thumb as to what percentage of your loan repayment your rent should cover?
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    Accountant in Brisbane

    Can anyone please recommend a really good accountant with property experience in Brisbane? Thanks Mick
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    Deception Bay QLD

    I noticed that you can still get a 3-4 bedroom house 300m from the water at Deception Bay for under $350,000. This seems like quite good value - does anyone have any thoughts/knowledge in relation to Deception Bay Cheers Mick
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    I noticed that Margaret Lomas recommended Woodridge in SE QLD as a potential high growth area but I have also been told that Woodridge has a reputation as a "slum" type area and I imagine this is the reason that property is relatively cheap in that area. Does anyone have an opinion regarding...
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    Depreciation Schedules

    Hi All, Firstly thanks for all the information and helpful comments. I am impressed by the breadth of knowledge people have on this forum. I am about to invest in Brisbane and I have been getting prices for depreciation schedules because I want to be in a position to calculate my weekly...