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    Trinity Beach Cairns

    Hi I have been introduced to a house and land package that looks interesting but I'm not familiar (only through google) with the area, any insider information would be great :) Thanks in advance
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    My Investment Plan

    Hi All/Anyone :) I've been questioned a few time by family and friends about how and when we invest. After spending time explaining it to people over and over again I've tried to put it down on paper (excel anyway), the link below shows my 1st attempt...
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    Looking for some advice

    Hi We currently own property in Perth and Melbourne and we are looking at buying another property. Our max property purchase price is $350K (we have extra funds to cover all the extra fees and costs). We are not confident in the WA market so this is not an option for us. Our...
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    SA, where is the market at?

    Hi I'm interested in the SA market after reading some interesting threads on this forum. My question however is, is it a good time to buy and where in the cycle is the market. Now I know I'll get a few comments about "time in the market and not timing the market" however I'm really...