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    Block of units

    Hi, I am currently looking at the numbers for a block of units in regional Victoria. The block has 4 units and is not strata-titled. I received a statement of account from the real estate agent for the past year and the numbers don't look so good. For serviceability reasons, I am looking...
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    Hi all, I've just bought 2 IPs and am looking for a new PM to manage them as well as another existing IP. I've narrowed down the search to two PMs and am trying to decide between them. Cost wise, there is very little difference between the two and I have talked to both the actual PMs who...
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    Home Child care in our IP

    Hi, Our tenant has recently asked us that they would like to open a home child care on our property. We have a garage at the back of our house that was converted into an entertainment room. The tenants have offered to renovate it completely so that it satisfies all the council conditions...