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    eBay Money Back Guarantee - be careful and need advice

    6 months?! That is truly ridiculous!?!
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    eBay Money Back Guarantee - be careful and need advice

    I thought eBay made it mandatory for all listings to must have paypal payment. So even if someone picks it up from you, they can still pay by paypal. eBay is so shockingly bad for sellers now but there is just nothing else as good.
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    Recommend a managing agent Templestowe VIC

    Lil Skater for sure.
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    Is the economy really that dead. ?

    Pilates and tap dancing! Heck yeah.. PS a pole dancing studio is opening on Burgundy street above the pharmacy/medical centre! Also how good is Bolton street fruit & veg shop? I also love Bolton street chicken. HAHAHA.
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    Is the economy really that dead. ?

    ^^ Rosanna appears to be ok at the moment. Has a new fancy butcher shop that appears to be doing well. At least they have my business all the time. Half the time I cannot find a park on the side of Westpac at lunch time.
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    Any Breaking Bad fans here?

    Huge fan but binge watching made me depressed. Remember that entire episode on the fly in the lab? That drove me bananas.
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    Masters or Bunnings?

    Ok so I made my husband go check out Bunnings and Masters for prices on things for his business (lawn/garden maintenance) and he found Bunnings was cheaper. It was a quick check, took pictures of prices, went across the road and boom done. Anyway thanks Mick C now i know he can get a discount...
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    Any one ever purchased a haunted house?

    Hate to ever set foot in the Gonzales house! And they were selling the Snowtown Bank a few years ago... pass.
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    Don't understand this at all

    Harrods used to sell exotic animals! How cray is that!?
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    make the hospital stay a bit more comfy

    Samboy couldn't read but not reply. Not much to add from previous PPs but wanted to wish you best of luck for a short stay this time.
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    Taking a baby on a plane

    I have never been asked to taste. I travelled by myself with a 4.5mth and nearly hyperventilated and had a panic attack before leaving reading all these instructions. They will call out your bag as Baby bag as it gets put through xray. I had ointments, water, bottles, formula and the works. They...
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    Shoutout to Lil Skater

    I'm sorry I just saw this. What Sez said above and also she is the PM and director she will not be moving to another agency as she is her business. I can also tell you how she has gone above and beyond for us but won't go into so many details here. PM me if you want.
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    Recommend a property manager Melbourne

    ^^ 3rd what they said. DO IT NOW and you won't regret it... you'll be able to sleep at night soon. Lil - if you are reading this you should have something on your way this Friday!
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    Crowd sourcing: similar experience buying off the plan with low low valuation

    Happened to my friend too (not CBD property) but like ^^ just had to come up with more cash somewhere.
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    Frankston on the up

    You guys might like this article from HS. PS the Kittens club is gone?!?!
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    Melbourne Resturants Supberb

    Jimmy Grants! Get the Prawn Souva. Size is smaller than the Lamb kebab shops but just enough (for me). Prawn souvasssss...
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    Melbourne Resturants Supberb

    OMG people.. what about LuxBite? Oh oh oh new place that just opened - Boomba on Lonsdale & Exhibition has been rated really well too.
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    Melbourne Resturants Supberb

    Can i please butt in. Please please please please visit Le Petit Gateau. :) Get the amazing passionfruit brownie gateau.
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    Melbourne Resturants Supberb

    Seriously.. Melbourne has the best cafes and restaurants. How could anyone move from here?
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    What's your opinion on so-called smart meters?

    Thanks Spade.. just did some googling. I had the smart meter installed ages ago! acts about flexible pricing Flexible pricing plans are now available through participating electricity retailers. Changing to...