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    LMI Refund possible after 1 week?

    Hi all, I recently took out an equity loan with ANZ One Direct. It was drawn down last Friday including an LMI component. As part of searching for an IP loan we got our PPOR valued by the CBA. The valuation came in this week and is considerably more than what ANZ One Direct were basing...
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    Mortgage Broker who can think outside the square

    Hi all, I am effectively self employed and operate through a contractor management company and get paid 'trust distributions' gross, and pay my own tax. I legally income split through this structure to minimize tax. We're finding it very difficult to obtain an investment loan due to this...
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    Which way forward? - confused between FP, ANZ & me

    Hi everyone, First here goes. I've been lurking on these forums for a little while now, reading, learning, being encouraged by all the generous members ideas thoughts and comments. Thank you. A bit of background. Just over a year ago when our first daughter was born (second due...