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    Help from Japanese speaker/reader

    From what I can gather, there are 6 day and 8 day Southern Island courses and a special Yoron Island course. I don't know the details. I can't find how you can buy the ticket. You may have to go to Kagoshima on the day or a few days before to buy the ticket. Or you may be able to go to a...
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    NSW Stamp Duty - Additional Duty payable if 2 properties bought in 1 year

    Go to another solicitor who can argue that its a separate and unrelated transaction. I know a solicitor who did this for a friend and it saved in $12K. But will never know whether OSR will catch up on him later. The reason cited by that friend were (not totally accurate as it was only through...
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    If you were getting married today, or you had to help pay for a wedding for your chil

    Very interesting post !!! Each to their own. I can understand the bride wanting to look stunning and put on show of her life and at the same time I can understand the wedding just being a form of ceremony to tell people that "I am married (to this person)". Which side you take would...
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    Career- how to pave one's way up.

    Very naiive saggitarius and until I got my first job 3 years ago. Didn't know what the world was like.
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    Career- how to pave one's way up.

    30 I am an introvert, judgmental type Breaking down problems into basic principles and coming up with innovative solutions. I like the challenge and the new knowledge that I have to absorb everyday. Downside is that I cannot keep clients happy even though I am not doing a bad job...
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    Career- how to pave one's way up.

    I am a regular forum visitor but have changed my log-in name to seek your advice. What to do with career? I am a later bloomer. Only started to work about three years ago and realising that I may be not equipped intellectually to produce high standard of work in current role even though...