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    Q's Propery Management Holland Park West

    INVSTR My advice would be similar to Lynn 1)Definately unfurnished for a standard dwelling. For short term students then partly furnished but sensible furnishings. Whilst you can claim the Depreciation on the furniture it is not much good in claiming it if it gets removed or...
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    Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas

    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas. It was nice to talk with so many of you over the last few weeks and i hope i can be of assistance to you next years. Here's to great property and investing year in 2008.
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    water charges in hervey bay

    600 Litres a day for the average household in SE Qld would be about right. Since Target 140 the average in SE Qld has dropped to around 127 Litres per person a day. Every little drop saved helps i guess.
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    market slow in this period of the year?

    I know from our Sales side which i am not part of we have had a record fortnight. Over $4 Million in sales last week with the Principal and 1 Selling agent and with more enquiries from Investors each and every day I have to agree the market does not slow at Christmas. All i hope is we get...
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    Property leasing fee

    I have to say 1 weeks letting fee is par for the course. I guess it is like anything if you have a few properties with the same agent then everything is negotiable.
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    Rental in Mitchelton QLD- Advice please!

    Hi Imagine We have a few properties we manage in that part of town and I can tell you that i would want a review clause in the agreement. Presently ever property we have come on to list is snapped up immediately and in most cases we still have numerous applications for each rental...
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    the unbelievable gall of some ex-tenants

    Ohhh Simon do you have names and contact numbers. No sorry i forgot all of my tenants pay on time and are little angels.
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    Renovating your IP to increase rent & How much extra can you charge?

    I look after a number of multi dwelling blocks of units for clients who are receiving well less than the going rent for their property in its current state. When the propery becomes vacant or the lease is up for renewal it is certainly the practise of my agency to ensure that the Principal...
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    PM wanted in Brighton QLD

    Thanks for the wrap Richard it was a pleasure to take over your portfolio.
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    Is a PM obligated to accompany tradesmen?

    Hi Winston Certainly for Qld there is no legislation covering this question and all boils down to the integrity of the PM. Personally i only use tradesman who we have had work for us for many years and who are trusted and reliable so this is not usually a problem or question that arises...
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    Onsite Manager playing Managing Agent role

    Hi Mitch This as has been mentioned is quiet common and can be an advantage to you the investor as the agent is onsite normally 24/7. As part of his / her remuneration package the onsite manager receive a salary from the Body Corporate and the rental management tops up his income. In a...
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    Can you negotiate management fees?

    Thankfully on a frum such as this you are entitled to an opinion. I am just telling you what goes on in the real property management world with a lot of property managers.
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    If I terminate rental contract early....

    Rain As has been mentioned you are unable to terminate merely because you want to sell the property. I am sure most States have similar regulations but in Qld you are required to serve notice to end the Tenancy. When a lessor/agent gives a Notice to Leave The minimum notice period...
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    Can you negotiate management fees?

    JIT Maybe unfair but i can assure it goes on in every large agency. We are lucky that I have the ability and discretion to negotiate with a landlord and most appreciate that. I can name you a dozen agencies around the City that think they are too big or important to negotiate with a...
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    Jenmans story...

    As an ex Jenman office i can tell you stories that would make your hair curl. Thankfully our new Principal has years of experience in the industry and is practical in his application. We are phasing out the Jenman system in favour of a more professional pragmatic approach to sales and...
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    Anyone with these Property Investment Companies?

    I agree with James. Anyone who is offering a rental guarantee for such a period of time has to being do so because they expect the chips to fall in their favour. Either the guarantee is worthless because it is $2 shelf company or the purchase price was raised intially and they are...
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    Can you negotiate management fees?

    Hi Boatboy I am glad that you are happy with the service you are getting for the price you are paying. Realistically the day will come when your managing agent cannot make money at those % rates. Certain some of the smaller property agents around the town are trying to buy business...
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    Can you negotiate management fees?

    Ok should be able to negotiate 7.5% there i think thats what we charge on all of our properties in those suburbs. Pullenvale, Chapel Hill and Brookfield is a little more.
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    Going to the Tribunal - will be interesting.

    Ohhhppsss meant to say not as harrowing.
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    Going to the Tribunal - will be interesting.

    Excellent result for your mum Wylie. Goes to show the good guys do win. I hope her next landlord experience is as harrowing.