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  1. Olly

    OpenPGP & Passphrases HELP!!!!

    Using Thunderbird as my business email programme. When setting it up some time in August I attempted to use encryption as security seeing as they were business emails. Since then I've been in hospital blah blah blah and basically lost the plot with what I did. When replying to an mail a...
  2. Olly

    Pic Copywrite & Other Business Q's

    A mixture of Q's for a business I've started with a friend and also a business I'm starting myself. I've changed an iconic pic (see attached). How would I know if it was copywrited? And what's the least & worst they could do if they found it on a website? Also, can you be sued for any...
  3. Olly

    Accepting Credit Cards Alternatives/Merchant

    My friend is starting a business working from home and money is tight. She wants to be able to accept credit card payments through her website, phone etc but the $60 monthly bank fees for being a merchant and having the eftpos machine or swiper is a bit rich for her at the moment. She's...
  4. Olly

    One Seniors Goes Bust

    Don't know if this effects anyone here or their rellies but the service provider One Seniors went bust last week without any warning. Their customers were aged and disability pensioners and they provided landline, internet and mobile phone bundles. My 92 yo father is one effected and lost...
  5. Olly

    Coffee Machines

    Wow! How confusing is it to buy a coffee machine! There seems to be a huge number of brands and models out there all with varying price tags yet they all do the same thing. Make a cup of coffee from a capsule. Can anyone make it clearer for me please? I'm just looking for the type that...
  6. Olly

    George Clarkes Amazing Spaces

    Anyone been watching this show? It's just finished it's 2nd series on Lifestyle Home (I think). It's about converting buses, ambulances, containers, gypsy vans, beach huts, boats, caravans, anything, even a public toilet block! They are obviously small spaces, and they are converted...
  7. Olly

    Old Friends Getting In Touch via FB or Other

    I'm not a huge FB user and stumbled by accident over the 'Other' folder when I was looking for something else about 12 months ago. (The 'Other' folder is where messages go from non contacts in your list(s). This is the message that was in there - HI OLWYN, THIS IS A SHOT IN THE DARK BUT...
  8. Olly

    Attn: All Bong Users

    If you're going to chop a piece out of my garden hose to make a bong - could you please cut closer to the connector so that I don't have to waste 1 metre of hose. Thanks I used to get this happen at a reasonably regular rate if I left the hose connected to the front tap (easy to bend over...
  9. Olly

    3D Movies & 3D Glasses

    I bought a Smart LED 3D TV this week which came with 2 pairs of 3D glasses (battery operated). I've also kept the 3D glasses (non battery operated) from a few visits to 3D movies at the theatre and have about 3 pairs. How come these ones 'work' at the movies but not by watching 3D on my TV?
  10. Olly

    Anybody Here Making Apps?

    Yeah yeah I know everybody has a killer app idea that will make millions, but I think I actually do. The few people I've shared the idea with have just been quiet for a few moments while they take it all in then a light bulb goes off and they go "Jesus, that's a real winner" or "that's got...
  11. Olly

    Space Saving, Wonderfully Designed Furniture

    No idea what the furniture would cost, but the ideas are fantastic. Especially for small spaces/studio apartments etc.
  12. Olly

    Brilliant Idea for Cyclists Can you see the helmet - before watching the video? Very clever. I know there's a few cyclists on here - what do you think?
  13. Olly

    Tim Minchins Inspiring (?) Grad Speech

    Tim Minchin - that incredibly clever comedian/writer/musician/singer. Enjoy!
  14. Olly

    Removing Window Tinting

    One of my car windows has a rough, crackly surface - I can scrape the stuff off. I'm assuming it's the window tinting. It looks awful and I want to remove it. Is there a solvent that will do this? My friend has a similar problem with a sheet of tinted film on one of her bedroom windows that...
  15. Olly

    How's this for an idea?
  16. Olly

    Fairfield sells it's 1st $1m property
  17. Olly

    Javascript Error Message

    I know there's some IT/coders etc. people here so hoping you can help me with a series (4) of error messages I've started getting. I haven't done anything new to my PC or downloaded anything so don't know how it started, unless it's something to do with a recent upgrade with Firefox (something...
  18. Olly

    Travellers Looking for Regional Work

    Mods: Please delete if this is inappropriate. I have a 27yo cousin & his partner staying with me at the moment and they are looking for regional work that will help go towards their 2nd visas. They've both done door to door sales, promotional work, fund raising and worked on a cotton farm in...
  19. Olly

    New Neighbours-New Headache?

    Easter Sunday afternoon new neighbours moved into the rental 2 doors over from me. When the truck arrived they blew the truck horn for a full 30 seconds and they got out hooping and hollering. It didn't really bother me but it was a very quiet Easter Sunday until they arrived. Today, just 24...
  20. Olly

    Car Repair Costs-Just Checking

    I'm being quoted $700 for a a new timing belt. This sounds awfully expensive to replace a belt. What else might they be doing as well or am I being ripped off? I know I could do a bit of a ring-around for quotes but thought I'd get impartial advice/info first. TIA PS: If this is any...