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  1. quoll

    Investment Property in Adelaide CBD - 6% Rental Return

    That apartment might be the same price or cheaper in 5 years time ?? then again it might only be 10% more expensive ?? Will it double ? Probably not, will the cheapie house in the burbs double, a lot more potential for this to happen. Personally if I was looking for an apartment in the city...
  2. quoll

    Changing over cooktop

    Yep, that's a small job. Try a general handyman service, like hire a hubby or such. Cabinet maker might be interested. A carpenter might be interested (if they have no work) Things to consider: Where are the cabinets placed? If you take out the cooktop and remove 900mm bench is there a nice...
  3. quoll

    more people live in IP than agreed number

    Be grateful for the tenants. Add the new bloke to the lease. NO don't try and put the rent up. The tenants are renting the property, it's not a holiday rental or per room rental by the sounds of it. Review the rent when the lease is up, if the tenants don't like your new price they will move.
  4. quoll

    Aha! Moments

    had an AHH moment reading RK's RDPD. prior to that almost had one when we rented a $60k house for $120wk and realised we were paying off the owners mortgage, bought our own house instead of an investment but it got gears moving although very slowly and took another 7 years and the RDPD book.
  5. quoll

    Missing Bitcoin... IT man dumps hard drive worth millions if he can find it

    Yep, read that, he had 7500 BitCoins in his wallet on that HDD, poor bugga.
  6. quoll

    car rego in company name?

    Benefits: Tax & infringement notices are issued to company (no loss of points, sorry we couldn't identify the driver?) Problems: fines for company are twice that of individual. rego is more expensive.
  7. quoll

    adelaide investment suburbs

    If you after new then your looking at 2B units. If you want old you could get a decent size block of land with a OK house on it but potential to develop. I'll suggest you have a look at units because they aren't on my radar, won't affect me. From a distance you don't have to worry about yard...
  8. quoll

    Ugly wood panelling on walls - best solution?

    We did a reno on a 1968 place, one wall was solid timber tongue and grove nailed to the timber frame wall, we just put plasterboard over the top of this, flushed and sanded and painted, good as new. That was in the hallway. In the lounge it had the veneer wood panel glued over the brick, must...
  9. quoll

    Adelaide Investment Suburbs

    Morphett Vale is a massive suburb on it's own. O'sully beach, Christies Beach, Christies Downs all the way to Moana, McLaren Vale, I wouldn't go any further south than that. For me Aldinga and Sellicks are too far south. But it all depends on what you want. There are plenty of good buys in the...
  10. quoll

    Open Road Speed Limits? Time for a change?

    Driver education is STILL minimal, I think we should have mandatory re-education at set intervals ( 5 years ? ) AND more advanced driver training. Road condition is a factor but on those roads that are designed for higher speeds why not allow drivers to drive at that speed. Just got to make...
  11. quoll

    Ceiling turning black

    Had similar problems at a house we owned, was caused by a leaky skylight. I'd start by looking for leaks in the roof. Find the source of the moisture otherwise the mold will just keep coming back through the paint. Regards Graeme
  12. quoll

    metal beading under render is rusting

    :) Repair all the way, currently it's stuffed and needs fixing, haven't seen it that bad before. I'm guessing the tradies where both lazy and maybe inexperienced ? How old is the house ? I would be going back to the builder and trying to get them to fix it. That is really bad. And really bad...
  13. quoll

    Influencing the valuation

    Assist the valuer by having a list of properties in the suburb or surrounding suburbs if applicable, very similar to yours with sales numbers around what YOU would like yours to be valued at. And be nice to the valuer, don't belittle them, don't be arrogant, try and have a reasonable...
  14. quoll

    Capital to cash flow

    A mix of stuff It's a question with multiple answers, you just have to work out which mix is the best fit for YOU. Our current choice, keep buying non standard resi properties, not really interested in the average house in an average street with an average 3-5% rental return. Develop, do a...
  15. quoll


    Yep, on there, use it daily, had a few job offers, mainly keep up to date with former work mates. Mainly it helps me keep in touch with recruiters, I'm in IT contracting. Cheers Graeme
  16. quoll

    Murray Bridge Rear Block Cut Off

    Umm, Sewers are expensive $1000 per metre. We went community didn't think the $20k for sewer was going to make that much difference in sale price, in hindsight it would have spend up the sale but might have struggled to get the $20k increase in sale price. Interest payment for 6mths vs $20k...
  17. quoll

    Dreadlocks. Yes or no ...

    Yes, you will look like a pale and elderly Rastafarian Yes, you will look like a pale and elderly Rastafarian
  18. quoll

    Couple of random questions.

    My understanding is you need to: Buy, Rent, Reno To be able to claim the reno costs, if you property hasn't produced any income prior to the reno then the reno is a capital work. My 2c Graeme
  19. quoll

    7% rental return or above, is it possible?

    If you chasing a good rental return maybe you have to look outside your chosen suburbs ? OR Spend more time looking for those ODD, properties, the ones that with a bit of effort can produce a good return. The effort can be thought effort it doesn't have to be physical reno effort, some might...
  20. quoll


    Being in IT, I get most of my contract work from SEEK. LinkedIn gets me a few phone calls and emails. When I get close to the end of a contract I'm phoning as many recruiters as possible to remind them that I exist and am looking for contract work, apply for positions and follow up with a phone...