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    Lucky or genius ?

    Woman wins lottery four times & the odds of this - has been calculated at one in 18 septillion and luck like this could only come once every quadrillion years.
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    Happiness is U-shaped !!

    Now we know why midlife crisis starts @ the age of 40s :) the young and the old the happiest and those in middle age the most unhappy, according to a new study. good article...
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    Most Aussies want to quit their jobs.

    An intresting news article reg dissatisfaction of jobs, I guess those days well and truly gone when people spend more than 30, 40 years in one job. I have been working in my current job for just over 10 years and surprisingly still satisfied :), have you considered changing your job lately...
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    Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

    The 6.3 magnitude quake - classed by experts as an aftershock to last September's 7.1 quake struck in the middle of the working day. Our thoughts and paryers for people in NewZealand.
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    Luxury BMWs a debt trap

    An intresting news article reg luxury cars (if bought on finance). I wonder who buys these cars on CASH......... Celebraties ? :confused: Article quotes "People could be made bankrupt for as little as $5000"...
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    Cricket World Cup 2011 - Is anybody interested ?

    Australia has won four out of total nine Cricket World Cup - A world record. But this time I guess South Africa or India have great chance. Starting from next Saturday 19 Feb in India, SL & BD. Any thoughts (bets)? Complete fixture can be found below ...
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    GPS - Does anyone know if these are legal/illegal in VIC-NSW-QLD

    I have done some Search ( "GPS" - using Google ) but could not get the answer. I guess it would be illegal if it obstructed the drivers view of the road significantly, I have attached my GPS to the middle of windscreen just above the dash. Another issue might be the...
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    Most Annoying Habits of Co-Workers

    If you have a job in an office environment then I'm sure you know what I am talking about......:mad: unnecessary use of speaker phone. constant playing the table with fingernails... Eating lunch @ desk instead in the lunch room. (not in all jobs) Would like to hear from other...
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    What is the average amount of time it takes to sell a Prop

    There is a vacant Prop. on Wellington Rd Clayton, which has a “For Sale” sign since second week of Dec 2009, Which is almost 3 months by now, is that normal to take this long to sell the prop? I wonder what could be the reason: Vendor price expectation too high. Buyers not interested in...
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    How smart is your right foot ?

    Please spoil :cool: your Sunday by doing this. I am sure some of you have already known about this but for most who don't please try once.......... (open attached thumbnail)
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    Bamboo Flooring on the top of mosaic flooring --- Possible ?

    Hi everybody, I am researching options for new flooring in my appartment and one of them is to install a bamboo floor in my living area and kitchen. I don't want to remove old mosaic in the kitchen but removing carpet (living area) means my floors will be uneven from the living to the...
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    Who has Monday 25th Jan day off here

    Monday 25th Jan 'will be Australia's biggest sick day' according to the news (link below) I have licit fortnightly day off (sweet coincident):) Anybody else LUCKY...........
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    R U attending SMcK new book launch ?

    Steve is going to launch updated version of his first book (From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years) on Thursday 19th November 09. Anybody going to attend on "Hilton on the Park" Melb....... KK ____________________________ Trust...
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    FOXTEL for your own home (PPOR)

    I read some where in the SS Forum regarding Foxtel in IPs and it can be a attracting feature for some tenants, but I am just questioning Foxtel for your own home, Do you like Sports, Documentries and other Kids & Family programe also incl Movies. Some people can say that how much more TV do...
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    Is your identity protected ?

    Yesterday in ABC newsradio there was a news regarding the identity theft and it costing $1 billion to the economy. On the eve of National Identity Fraud Awareness Week October 13 – 17th, Crime Stoppers urges all Australians to shred all their statements and personal information before...
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    Finding tenants in the month of December / January

    As we all know that most people take time off from work including real estate people, TAFE & UNI students also on holidays and o/s students (mostly) go back to their home country and that trend continue until at least mid January. Anybody had any difficulty finding the tenants in these few...
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    Have you received VISTA ?

    Hi folks, No , I am not asking about Windows VISTA, The Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity 2009 (VISTA 09) will run from July 2009 to June 2010. The survey collects information from households in Melbourne, Geelong and the regional centres of Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton...
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    Must watch video......and learn a lesson from it

    Have you watched the " Battle at Kruger " video on the U_Tube, If not please got to U_Tube and type " Battle at Kruger " Amazing battle among wild animals and their survival. Do we allowed to post the link here ????????? KK ___________________________ Trust your hopes, not your fears.
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    What an explosive result, sold for 4.5 Million

    Just attended an auction in Box Hill_3128 and the following house sold for staggering 4.5 Million, the bidding start from 2.2M and raised sharply until 3.9M and finally setteled on 4.5 Millions. Auction last for 30 minutes. Is this the highest Auction sold price in the area ? What would be...
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    How much influence you had (if any)

    Hi Guys, How much influence you had (if any) from your wife, husband, father, mother (someone else) when making a decision to buy your PPOR / IP. The reason I asked is that , I wanted to buy a house in outer suburb (SE corner) but end up in a 2 bed flat (inner eastern_3128) because my...