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  1. Olly

    Catch all television thread

    The Wire is fantastic!
  2. Olly

    How to start...exercising

    When I was referring to 'feeling' like training I was meaning a time in the day to do it not whether to do it at all.
  3. Olly

    Jury Duty - Sydney

    My daughter recently got called for a 5 week stint and she was a busy job seeker at the time. Not good enough to get out of it. Prove it they said and she did by showing emails and getting stat decs from agencies. She was only reprieved for 2 weeks. If she didn't have a job by then - bad...
  4. Olly

    Sonos Playbar with older TV.

    Ooh just looked it up and I like what I see - but can't afford it. I recently bought a PA/DJ system from Aldi for $129. Comes with microphone for karaoke etc, plays USB sticks, you can plug guitars into it and blootooths with your mobile phone, PC's and TV's (except mine). Also has legs and...
  5. Olly

    How to start...exercising

    Back off everybody :o I was just saying what I'd heard. Whether it's right or wrong or whether you want to follow it is up to you. Can't find the Michael Mosely quote and don't know which of his health/fitness docos it was from. I did find these however...
  6. Olly

    How to start...exercising

    I'm definitely not a fitness guru but wanted to mention some things I've seen - 1. In a Michael Mosely fitness doco it was pointed out that mornings is actually the worst time to exercise as it takes a while for the bodys 'rhythyms' to rise into day mode after a nights sleep. Basically going...
  7. Olly

    The Boy from Nowhere

    The mind boggles if he can afford a book worth $15million!
  8. Olly

    OpenPGP & Passphrases HELP!!!!

    Thanks heaps! This seems to be working. I just have to sort out AVG now.
  9. Olly

    The Boy from Nowhere

    Saw the story on this recently - Not going to be locked away, but put on display for others to enjoy and hopefully boost tourism in Oz.
  10. Olly

    OpenPGP & Passphrases HELP!!!!

    Using Thunderbird as my business email programme. When setting it up some time in August I attempted to use encryption as security seeing as they were business emails. Since then I've been in hospital blah blah blah and basically lost the plot with what I did. When replying to an mail a...
  11. Olly

    Pic Copywrite & Other Business Q's

    So any recommendations for professional indemnity insurers who possibly do public liability as well please? Sydney are if that matters.
  12. Olly

    Pic Copywrite & Other Business Q's

    Ooh thanks for that. Answers one question for me.
  13. Olly

    Pic Copywrite & Other Business Q's

    A mixture of Q's for a business I've started with a friend and also a business I'm starting myself. I've changed an iconic pic (see attached). How would I know if it was copywrited? And what's the least & worst they could do if they found it on a website? Also, can you be sued for any...
  14. Olly

    Energy provider Red Energy

    If being green is important to you check this out -
  15. Olly

    Accepting Credit Cards Alternatives/Merchant

    This looks like the perfect solution. Thanks.
  16. Olly


    Softball & Netball - Summer/Winter then went to softball all year round. Won 17 out of 18 grand finals in Div 1 and was runner up in the other one. Coached junior teams from t-ball to under 16's plus a womens side as well and made and won most (possibly all - can't quite remember now) grand...
  17. Olly

    The Yes Vote for Scotland..

    They covered this on Dateline this week - Very interesting but very confusing for those on the border of the 2 countries. I don't know the full reasons why the vote is on other than emotional ones. A bit like Wales...
  18. Olly

    Accepting Credit Cards Alternatives/Merchant

    My friend is starting a business working from home and money is tight. She wants to be able to accept credit card payments through her website, phone etc but the $60 monthly bank fees for being a merchant and having the eftpos machine or swiper is a bit rich for her at the moment. She's...
  19. Olly

    Better Returns than Property

    I've got an Atari wood grain 2600 with paddles for playing Breakout etc. plus other games. Also got a Sega Mega Drive with converter and a heap of games like Robocod, Sonic etc. I still haven't killed the monster in Sword of Vermillion! :p Gone to flog them on ebay a few times then the...
  20. Olly

    Simple, Healthy and Delicious

    I'm an "all in 1 pot" sort of person to make sure I get my vegies and for convenience and washing up! Attached is a great recipe I ripped out of a mag. Another is one I made up - Olly's Orange Soup Dice up any red or orange vegies (carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, capsicum etc) and...