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    Will Strata Pay for Internal Painting?

    Not sure about the internal painting but surely your strata insurance should cover the fixed fixture like kitchen cabinets and pantry etc & hot water system which is also a fixed fixture but not the flooring like carpets.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all of you........ Fill up your life with love, compassion, tolerance, peace and happiness.
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    Joke Thread

    A man is getting into the shower just as his wife is finishing up her shower, when the doorbell rings. The wife quickly wraps herself in a towel and runs downstairs. When she opens the door, there stands Bob, the next-door neighbor. Before she says a word, Bob says, "I'll give you...
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    From Eastern suburbs :confused: , OK from NE Sub.. though.
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    Water Damage to carpets

    If I remeber correctly you had problems with you rooftop antenne some time ago and you could not watch the TV AT ALL. Thanks to NBN. Now you have this water worries - time to chage the prop..... And Goofy has said well reg your current problem.
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    Lucky or genius ?

    Woman wins lottery four times & the odds of this - has been calculated at one in 18 septillion and luck like this could only come once every quadrillion years.
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    New game

    Sergeant Ritchie will find you, because he is an experienced willy.:)
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    Happiness is U-shaped !!

    Now we know why midlife crisis starts @ the age of 40s :) the young and the old the happiest and those in middle age the most unhappy, according to a new study. good article...
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    Optus manhole in the backyard

    Could be an Optus TV Cable - just a guess.......
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    Will my friends get caught by the ATO?

    There is a spell checker on the top right corner - just in-case if you don't know. :)
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    Cricket World Cup 2011 - Is anybody interested ?

    Now Aussies are out - I would love to see NZ or PAKI to win the cup for very simple reasons that both are non-favourite & underrated teams in this WC.
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    Cricket World Cup 2011 - Is anybody interested ?

    World Cup quarter-final between India and Australia on tonight will not be showing live on channel 9 - instead this will be be delayed telecast by more than an hour - very disappointed. Cricket is the national sport of Australia (I guess) and therefore should be on free to air TV and LIVE...
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    Health Check

    In 2010 a routine blood test found that I have Vitamin D deficiency, My GP advised me to take Vit. D supplement and since then I 've been taking vitamin D 50,000 IU once a month - as prescribed by GP. As we know that Vitamin D is very commonly known as the 'sunshine vitamin', because vitamin...
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    Most Aussies want to quit their jobs.

    Actually quite true and especially if someone works in a BIG company and backed by Unnnnnionnnnnnnnnn,
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    Most Aussies want to quit their jobs.

    I reckon they're getting common now in various workplaces.
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    Most Aussies want to quit their jobs.

    An intresting news article reg dissatisfaction of jobs, I guess those days well and truly gone when people spend more than 30, 40 years in one job. I have been working in my current job for just over 10 years and surprisingly still satisfied :), have you considered changing your job lately...
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    Cricket World Cup 2011 - Is anybody interested ?

    Ireland pulled off a sensational win over England overnight in World Cup match. The best result of the World cup so far, hearty congrats to Irish cricket team, awesome batting display. England could not defend 327 runs, hmmmmmmm: :confused:
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    Luxury BMWs a debt trap

    very well said - just add XR6 Turbo in the first list........
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    Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

    The 6.3 magnitude quake - classed by experts as an aftershock to last September's 7.1 quake struck in the middle of the working day. Our thoughts and paryers for people in NewZealand.
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    Favourite Coffee Shop or Cafe

    Drinking coffee not meant to be this complicated. :) Go Gloria.........