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  1. Ms Jade

    Commercial Selling Agent in Sydney?

    Hi All, I am selling a commercial office in Crows Nest on behalf of my parents. I'm in Melbourne & know sweet FA about the Sydnet market. Can anyone recommend some good (aka "not as bad as some others") selling agents for that area? Thanks, Jade
  2. Ms Jade

    Not All Losers on The Block

    Those who watched the series may remember Frank Valentic purchasing the first house for a client. This snippet from the recent AdvantEdge newsletter suggests that there may be opportunities where they are least expected, even in a down market. Now, before people reply with , "Yeah, but if not...
  3. Ms Jade

    Timber Overlay Flooring?

    I know SFA about timber laminate etc flooring, as all the houses I've done with polished floors actually had solid timber floors. I'd like the same look for a project I'm looking at, which is a large house on a slab. From what I've seen, I'm not overly keen on pre-finished flooring as you...
  4. Ms Jade

    Purchase in Discretionary Trust

    I already have a HDT (currently has no properties), but due to limitations on borrowings I have set up a new standard discretionary trust as well. They have the same corporate trustee. I've been quite slack & haven't got around to opening a bank account for the trust as I wasn't planning to...
  5. Ms Jade

    Debit Card Warning

    Apologies to everyone for whom this old news; but if, like me, you thought a Visa debit was a good idea - read on. I recently had some unauthorised transactions on my account which totalled over $3000. In the process of dealing with the bank (the dragon, in this case) my eyes have been...
  6. Ms Jade

    Too Much Eco News Bad For Investors

    I've been spending less & less time in the economics forum the past few months, after realised that I has started to analyse too much instead of taking action. Came across this article in The Age today. Not ground-breaking; but worth rememberingh nonetheless.
  7. Ms Jade

    Are we having our own punk movement?

    I believe that punks were born from the disaffection of youth in the UK in the '70s. Perhaps because we in Oz don't have enough big problems, Gen Y is widely regarded as politically lazy. Obviously that's a generalisation. But you don't see streets full of marching uni students these days...
  8. Ms Jade

    Anyone go to Bill Zheng's recent briefings?

    As per the title, really. I haven't seen Bill for a while but did go to one of his investor briefings recently & found it very interesting. Just wondering if anyone has gone ahead with the new passive cashflow financial plan, or thinking of doing it, and whether you have any comments? I am...
  9. Ms Jade

    Always a Bargain Around

    Perusing the auction results this morning i noticed a house on 606 sqm sold in Box Hill South yesterday for $565k. This is not a suburb I follow intimately but that looks pretty cheap to me. Hope that a forumite picked it up: Box Hill South
  10. Ms Jade

    Wet rot. Heeelp!

    Well, I am in the middle of the reno of the hell but one issue at a time: My current issue is wet rot in the corners of cedar awning windows. I can dig out the spongy bits but then what? I guess I need to kill the fungus with something & then fill it. I vaguely remember someone telling me a...
  11. Ms Jade

    St George Fixed - Any Discount?

    I did a search & couldn't see this Q being asked before. I have the usual discount off SVR with St George but wondering whether anyone has ever been able to negotiate anything off their fixed rates?.. Seeing WP at least give me 0.2%
  12. Ms Jade

    Anyone invested in SILVER?

    So, a couple of weeks ago I was at a conference where the CEO of a very large Japanese manufacturer of electric goods spoke about the supply & demand gap regarding particular commodities. Actually, the speech was not about this but he mentioned it. This company is mainly concerned with Indium...
  13. Ms Jade

    I Never Signed the Lease

    OK, just s'pose I rented out a house that will be my PPOR next year. I am guessing tenants signed a 12 mth lease for this house. At least, this is what I was told by the PM. No lease has ever been sent for me to sign. Given that the tenants probably signed a lease & definitely paid the...
  14. Ms Jade

    Timber window finishes - Help!

    OK, believe it or not we want to restore the cedar windows in our early '70s house to look like timber. They currently have layers of paint on them. Once i get past the nightmare of stripping the paint (not sure how, yet) - what do i use to dress the raw timber? I like a natural look like oil...
  15. Ms Jade

    Melbourne Leads House Price Surge

    Actually the lead story in the Age this a.m. Melbourne median apparently up 6.1% & Sydney 5.2%. More here:
  16. Ms Jade

    Property Manager St Kilda / Elwood

    I have posted this thread title so that it can be found in future by anyone searching for a PM in the Elwood / St Kilda area. Apparently they also operate from Port Douglas (guess they have a holiday house there). If you are a landlord or tenant PLEASE beware of Friedlaenders - aka...
  17. Ms Jade

    Quartz/Stone Carpet. Any experience?

    Well, at a price of $200-$250 per sq metre my plan for terrazzo flooring is now on the backburner. I have heard of "quartz carpet" as a type of seamless floor and apparently it's a brand name product. Costs about $150. I found another supplier much cheaper & I think that stuff looks quite good...
  18. Ms Jade

    PM Blacklist - Interested?

    I'm sure that this has probably been suggested before, but my recent experience, coupled with many stories here of outright incompetence, leads me to ask about this. Why don't we have a sticky for each state where people can "out" bad PMs? I have one exceptionally good PM, so I am not a "PM...
  19. Ms Jade

    RAMS 10 yr from 6.19 to 7.09!!

    I $hit you not.
  20. Ms Jade

    OMG! Bought a House!

    Well, despite the fact that I have been expecting that the worst of the GFC is yet to come to this country, and thinking that unemployment will probably impact negatively on property prices, AND that this is probably a time to pay down debt rather than take it on….. I have done the previously...