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  1. quoll

    Economic forecasts no better than a random walk

    ABC News article, Economic forecasts no better than a random walk "That paper found that 70 per cent of the RBA's forecasts for underlying inflation for the year ahead were close to the mark, but...
  2. quoll

    Asbestos Fences

    Had a look at a property over the weekend with the old asbestos fences from the 70's, was wondering if anyone has paid to have similar removed and what the cost was? Was going to link to the photo's of the property but there's only 3 and they don't show the fences, 1 is the beach nearby, 1 is...
  3. quoll

    Japanese Banks in the NEWS again

    The Japanese Banks wanting to move into Australia is still doing the rounds. pulled a story from the DailyTelegraph.
  4. quoll

    Builder / Bricky in Adealide (South)

    Looking for a builder or bricky that could sign off on my firewall, spent ages phoning those in the local messenger but the job was so crappy no one wanted it, they would show up have a look and I'd never hear from them again. Had sorted out one builder to sign off on the job but he won't show...
  5. quoll

    Gathering information on property

    Was thinking about different ways that we gather information on a property which we are interested in. Little things like which assist you to work out how much you would pay or even if you would put the property on the maybe list. How do you work out land size? Building structure, brick veneer...
  6. quoll

    Building Engineer - recomendations?

    Looking for a Building Engineer or similar to produce a report on the fire rating of a wall for Council. Any recommendations for people in Adelaide southern area? Cheers Graeme
  7. quoll

    Double brick firewall ?

    After a bit of advice. Got a 2br and 3br house under the same roof, looking at community titling them, surveyor has said everything looks good but will have to remove door from double brick wall and make sure it's up to firewall standards. Had a chat with building designer and he said double...
  8. quoll

    What's the dodgiest industry ?

    Bit of fun to be had .. In another thread Evand mention: I would disagree. I reckon the roof restoration industry, the roller shutter industry, oh and best of all the rug sellers. When the whole sector can operate at 50-80% off the retail price year after year they have to be pulling your...
  9. quoll

    Looking for PM around Chrities Beach, SA

    Got rid of last Property Manager as the competent one resigned and the new one was very tenant focused, felt like they thought the tenant was paying their wage! So on the hunt for a new Property Manager to look after 2 places at SEAFORD, SA. Thought I would ask here first. Regards Graeme
  10. quoll

    How far into the future does your plan go?

    Was wondering about retirement planning, many people are looking at as generate assets then at a nominated age retire and live off the assets, income excetera, but how long will your assets last for and the big question is how long will your plan allow you to draw the nominated income? So with...
  11. quoll

    Search Engines - Alternative to Google?

    Was just having a talk with a coworker, which got me thinking about search engines. Just wondering how many people use Google and how many use other search engines, also wondering how many people don't know there are other search engines? I used to use:
  12. quoll

    ? so many options ? what to build ?

    Looking at doing a bit of building. There are so many options, some the numbers don't add up so they get thrown away but many others where the numbers do work, how to select the best? I guess the best isn't always the one that has the potential to make the most money, some are more fun that...
  13. quoll

    Retirees now need nearly $50,000 per year to live comfortably

    news article "Inflation for a couple living comfortably in retirement rose 1.1 per cent during the March quarter, new figures released for the Westpac ASFA Retirement Standard show. They would need to spend $49,502 a year to maintain their lifestyle, up from 0.6 per cent in the December...
  14. quoll

    Second Hand Garage Roller Doors?

    Just wondering if anyone has used Second hand garage roller doors in a reno? I've had a quote for $792 for a B&D roller door, single carport, installed. But the local salvage yard has a couple of doors that will fit ranging in price from $120 to $250 the dearer ones have the brackets and tracks...
  15. quoll

    Do you show up in ATO statistics?

    A recent post got me thinking about just how many people have IP's and how many IP do they really have? If they are in a Trust do they show up in statistics for individuals? I'm thinking not. We bought the first few houses in our names but then started buying in the Family Trust so the ATO...
  16. quoll

    Painting Doors ?

    Just doing some painting, being a lazy painter I take the knobs off the doors and just roller them. Notice that the handles have paint on them from the previous owners attempt at painting. So just wondering who takes the knobs / door handles off and who paints with them on? Sounds like a POLL...
  17. quoll

    Adelaide - Southern suburbs need builder?

    Looking for a reasonable builder in the southern suburbs or Adelaide (Seaford), would like to use someone that is recommended but haven't been able to find anyone that will recommend a builder. Not building a house, just adding to a house, need some walls moved, pergola built, carport added...
  18. quoll

    Sat Nov 17 Mclaren vale buy some wine?

    Just wondering how many wine drinkers are on this forum? Is anyone going to be around Mclaren Vale on Saturday Nov 17 to get some nice wine? Cheers quoll
  19. quoll

    Sell now or Reno Sell 9mths or other

    G'day After some suggestions, advice, a bit of knowledge to assist in the decision. We have a couple of nice units on 1 title that we bought in joint names (not in a trust) looking at selling them. Reasons to sell 1 - in joint names not in trust 2 - will let us pay out PPOR debt 3 - reduce...
  20. quoll

    The Continuing Adventures Of A Regional Support Clerk

    Stumbled upon this very funny blog, The Continuing Adventures Of A Regional Support Clerk Works in the housing trust in SA. There was a link to it on Merovingians blog. cheers quoll