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    10km CBD Rule Why?

    For some time now I have questioned myself as to the current day relevance of purchasing property within a 10km radius of a CBD. We all try but why? and is it even still practical and or relevant in today's ever changing suburbs. Some interesting points made below A little food for...
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    BOOMVEGAS...:D Yes the writings on the wall. A bit of Southern comfort come one come all. Snap em up and cut'em up and profit from them all. It's Boomvegas lets's talk it up, gear it up, with backs against the wall. There's no time like show time and Brisvegas has it all. The sun the...
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    Regulations for Cubby House build in Brisbane

    Hey guys, Trying to source info regarding the distance needed if any, for a cubby house to be built near the side fence of our back yard in Brisbane. The fence between us and the neighbors is a six foot timber fence and just wanted to see if any one knows if there is a minimum distance this...
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    Secrets to selling your home

    Hi guys Just thought you might be interested in watching this video about selling your home. Rather interesting.
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    Adding Buisness Services thread to Somersoft

    Hi guys, Just wondering peoples thoughts regarding the possability of adding a services thread to the Somersoft site. I know a lot of members here including myself work as professionals in the real estate industry and may be interested in having a dedicated thread offering advice and services...
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    Funny Random Thoughts from 20-35 year olds

    More often than not, when someone is telling me a story all I can think about is that I can't wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story that's not only better, but also more directly involves me. - Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realise you're...
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    Ahhhhrrr the bills keep comin

    Just today after receiving yet another bill in the mail I started thinking about the regularity of all my bills, and started to feel as though they were never ending, forever being stashed in my letter box on a weekly basis. Then I thought where are all these bills coming from and from who...
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    Needing Property Photos

    Hi all, For those of you who remember, I was currently in the stages of setting up my own real estate photography business as an extension from my current photographic services. Just thought I would post news that I have since shot a number of properties and have had a fair amount of interest...
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    Real Estate Photography

    Hi all, Been thinking lately about branching into providing a service to real estate agents and perhaps private vendors for professional photos of there properties. I already specialise in professional photography but are looking at other avenues for buisness.I have had some experience doing a...
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    PPOR to IP for two years

    Hi all, We are looking at renting out our ppor for approx two years while house sitting for our parents rent free. My question is can we now claim interest/depreciation etc on our ppor that has now been converted to an IP for this two year period. As I understand it, we can rent it out for up...
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    Good property accountant Brisbane

    Hi can anyone here recommend a great property accountant in Brisbane area. Thanks in advance.
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    Signing contract

    Hi all, I have a quick question regarding signing a contract to purchase. My question being: If I am buying with two other people as tenants in common, is it nessasary for them to sign the initial contract at the same time with me, to purchase if they are not available to do so? Can I...
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    Penalties for crashing contract

    Hi All, Just wanted to confirm any or all of the penalties associated with each scenario after signing a contract to purchase . Note the property is in Brisbane. 1) Penalty for Pulling out during cooling of period ? $$ 2) Penalty for contract crashing due to finance ? $$ 3)Penalty for...
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    FHOG For Granny Flat

    Hi just been thinkin, hypothetical question. If your granny has never owned there own home before, then they are entitlrd to the first home owners grant, correct? If so can they claim this for a Granny flat which would be there PPOR. If this was to be a new build, would they be entitled to...
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    Cannex Now Canstar Cannex

    For those who are interested in news before the media. 1 December 2008 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New name signals new era for financial researcher Australia’s premier financial services research and ratings firm will change its name from CANNEX to CANSTAR CANNEX from today. “We believe the new...
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    Pole home construction

    Hi interested to here from forumites who have built pole homes or are looking at doing so in the near future. In particular on the side of mountains. Did you find foundation cost to be a major issue when selecting a hillside site. I understand Geotech reports are needed and wind velocity test...
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    More Government incentives coming

    Have heard that there is more government incentives on the near horizon to stimulate the market more. That's all I know... :eek:
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    Lets buy this

    Anyone want to go halves in this..:eek:
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    The history of renovations

    1930's ....Ohhh these timber floor boards look terrible, we definetly need to cover them up with something..struth.. 1940's....How modern does this lino and vinyl look on the floors..bonza.... 1950's This ugly timber kitchen really needs a face lift, let's spruce it up with...
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    Good News Ipswich Investors

    All running to plan:cool: