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    Mindset Books

    I am after some mind set books that I can give to a friend to read. Do you guys have any recommended books (which still talk about investing, but focus more than just saving $x and sacrificing everything regardless of anyone else's feelings) I can flick over that can help him? Thanks!
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    This Comic Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Privilege

    I don't necessarily agree with the title, but its what the author titled it. For me, it serves as a reminder that we shouldn't forget what we have and haven't been given and the lessons along the way. :)
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    Race hate flyer distributed in Sydney's north shore and inner city

    Being of asian descent I would have thought i would be offended by this... but im not :) I do agree that FIRB need to do more, but this guy is just a crack up :)
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    Keeping the car shiny

    I've been using this Gyeon Q2M Wetcoat for the last few months and simply put, its amazing! I normally wash my car using Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax, but after a few days, it would get dusty again and lose its shine (I park my car on the street). I started using this Gyeon Wetcoat, its...
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    If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!

    I came across this the other day :) Enjoy.
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    Equity Maaaaate CBA ads

    Anyone remember this ad from CBA? :)
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    PPR Extension - What is cheaper (not bang for buck)

    I'm looking at extending my existing house. Its currently a 3 bed + 1 Bath free standing house and it will either become a - 5 bed + 2 bath (going up) - 4 bed + 2 bath (going out) It is an older Victorian house with an extension already. If I extend up, it will be sitting on top of the...
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    Housing prices in Sydney - Historical

    Does anyone know where I can find information relating to Sydney historical prices by suburb. In particular I'm looking back in the period between 1980 - 1990.
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    Vendor asking for delayed settlement

    Thought I would bounce past SS, for my sister's property purchase, the vendor has requested delayed settlement for 1 month so that it falls on 2 July 2015. The property is currently an investment property for the vendor. My sister will be moving into it and is taking vacant possession. Our...
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    What is a check valuation?

    I've been disputing a valuation on one of properties and the broker back to me with this. What does this mean? It sounds like they are saying, they are not moving from their valuation, but then what is this check valuation about? (Unfortunately the broker's assistance does not know what it...
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    Development Assistance - Melbourne

    Hi all, I'm looking for some guidance on developing 4 town houses (3 Bed + 2 Bath + 1 Car?? - 90 to 100sqm each?) in Melbourne. To date, my only experience when it comes "development" consists of renovating an existing house and building a granny flat. After reading some of the recent...
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    Depreciation - How is it calculated?

    As I understand (and I'm actually hoping I'm wrong), if i buy an existing house, build a granny flat, I can get a depreciation schedule done and its based on the build cost of the granny flat. The value of the land is ignored. If I buy a brand new off the plan unit for $800k. What is the...
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    Warning: Suncorp not liking Granny Flats?

    I got a call from the broker today to explain why my loan with Suncorp was declined (first time I've ever been declined). Brief details: Existing loan with Suncorp under my wifes name -> Top up / equity release Existing loan with another bank under my name -> Refinance to suncorp with equity...
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    Removing clothes line - help

    I have an removable hills hoist (one of these in my backyard. I want to remove it temporarily. Now it appears its been installed correctly, its got the ground socket (
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    $5.8m to $10.5m in 1 month (or so) Very nice return. From the same article....
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    Christmas lights in Sydney

    My daughter has a fascination with lights so I want to take her around see some nice Christmas light decorations on houses. Any suggestions where? Around the inner west area is good :)
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    Warning about Suncorp

    Have come across something with Suncorp that doesn't exist with St George (and possibly other banks). This policy alone will stop me from taking out any further debt with Suncorp. As property investors, its important we keep separate loan accounts for tax purposes. Separate loan accounts...
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    Do granny flats add value? Some real life figures :)

    How much value do granny flats actually add I've seen a few threads pop up lately asking about this so i thought i would share some real data and let everyone draw their own conclusions. An IP with a granny flat in Sydney had a bank valuation done for equity release purposes: Dec 2013: 900k...
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    Selling property - which agent to use or contact buyers agent?

    My cousin is looking to offload their property in the Blacktown/Seven Hills region and is wondering which agent to use. In this market is it worthwhile providing the listing to a buyers agent prior to a sales agent to see if one can achieve a win/win for all parties?
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    Oran Park Town logo giving the finger?

    Does anyone else see this in the Oran Park Town logo? Looks more like its giving the finger :D