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    Has anyone obtained stormwater access from neighbour?

    I have a toe on a property in Brisbane that is subdivideable. However it is necessary to tap into the stormwater for the additional lot by entering the neighbour's property. For those who have been successful with this, did you personally ask the neighbour or did you have someone else...
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    Keep or sell?

    I have a friend who owns a unit on the lower north shore. It used to be her PPR until she upgraded to a larger unit. The original unit is paid off and is now an investment property. Her accountant has told her to sell the unit and use the proceeds to pay down non deductible debt on her current...
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    July edition of The Somersoft mag - oops I mean API

    MsAli and Monalisa are on the front cover. Well done ladies.
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    Cost to DA stage

    I'm trying to run a feasability on selling land with a DA on it for 6 townhouses. What people are involved in getting to DA? Excluding the purchase costs, I know that a surveyor/townplanner and architect are required, along with the application costs to council. Have I missed any other costs?
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    Dual key properties and council contributions

    I've just secured a property in the Logan council area and I have a due diligence period to work out what's the most viable option for the site. It is zoned R250 and can fit 6 townhouses on it. As the existing house is in good nick, I'm thinking of retaining the existing house and splitting the...
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    This month's API

    Just flicking thru the latest mag and there are two Somersoftians featured this month. Well done guys :)
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    Can a bank refuse to give you redraw funds?

    I obtained a top up from a loan with the blue smurfs to use for another project. I've now received that money back from the project and want to offset it back to that account. I don't want to put it in the linked offset account as it is also our everyday transaction account. On speaking with the...
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    Rates adjustment on a subdivided property?

    I've just sold a property in Brisbane. It settled 2 weeks after titling was issued on the 2-lot subdivision. So I still own half of the original block. I asked my conveyancer (solicitor) about rates/water adjustment and she said that as the rates were paid for as one lot at the last rates notice...
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    Land Titles Office - registering a subdivision

    My surveyors have just completed the Sealsmart process at Brisbane Council and the Survey Plan sealing has been approved. What is the next step to getting to Land titles Office? Is this something that the surveyor will organise, or is there someone else I need to appoint, or do I do this...
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    Anyone well versed on the storage rules in NSW?

    For anyone following my fun of late, my (ex) tenants are yet to contact the PM to obtain access to the property for their possessions, a week after the sheriff visit. The house is still completely furnished, including kids' toys and all of the family's clothes. I'm hoping they are just using my...
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    My wonderful tenants

    Sheriff turned up yesterday to evict tenants and locksmith changed the locks. Tenants weren't there but the place looked just how it would on any given day. Agents drive past late in the day to see them in the property. Once the PM gives all info to the police they drive past the house and the...
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    Front loaded building contract

    I'm reviewing the build contract for my splitter in Queensland. This is the first time that I've dealt with a Qld builder so wondering what the norm is up there. The HIA contract has a prescribed table for progress payments and also has another section where the builder can tabulate their own...
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    Active buyers in Brisbane?

    For those who know the property game in Brisbane, are there many buyers out at the moment? My property at Chermside was listed for sale last week and there hasn't been much interest in the way of open house inspections. The agent is telling me to take a low offer as interest in the property just...
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    Would you add air con in your IP?

    I'm currently finalising plans with my builder for an IP in north Brisbane. It will be a 4 bed, double storey, double garage home. Ducted air will cost 14k and I'm considering adding it. Would you include air con for an IP? Do you think it increases the potential rent or just increases...
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    Any value in upgrading advertisement?

    One of my properties is going on the market next week. The agent sent me an advertising brochure which includes a Highlight listing on Can you see any value in this? I never get an upgrade and don't see the value. Not many houses are currently listed for sale in this suburb...
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    Any armchair valuers familiar with nth Brisbane area?

    I'm preparing documents for preapproval for a construction loan and need to determine the value of the vacant land. It is a 400sq flat, rectangular block in Chermside. As the block has just been split and not yet titled (this should happen in the next 4 weeks), I can't get a valuer in to...
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    Tenants have built a pergola

    Don't you love it when your tenant does their own renovations? I went for a drive past today expecting to see the property vacant - they are over 6 weeks in arrears) and instead found a new pergola and what looks like a fresh coat of paint on the weatherboards. And I thought the arrears were...
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    Would you take on this tenant?

    Just got a call from my PM with a tenant application. It doesn't sit right with me but wondering if I'm just cautious. Property is at Guildford (western Sydney). Is a 3 bed townhouse advertised at 470p/w, just reduced from 490. Tenant wants to pay $450p/w. Just arrived from Dubai 2 weeks ago...
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    Providing services to a subdivided lot

    I'm going through the BCC Approval package and one condition is the connection of storm water pipes/connections . Would this have been done by QUU when connecting sewer/water or is storm water completely separate? If separate, do I need to appoint a plumber to do this or is it more involved...
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    Any recommendations for a SealSmart surveyor?

    My splitter project has stalled due to my surveyors ignoring all of my emails and phone calls over the past 2 weeks. I called them using a different number today and caught one employee off guard and she answered. She passed the buck and I'm yet to receive a call back. Can anyone recommend a...