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    Torquay/jan Juc area

    i am looking at the torquay/jan juc area for an IP -short term say 2 to 3 years and then possibly moving into it after this time. Does anyone have an IP there and are they easy to rent,no hassles with tenants, vacancy rates etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Ta Mike
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    interest rates at 10% in two years

    I just read an article reporting that bank interest rates could hit 10% in two years time. It was on the web site. The URL is [URL=""]. It was posted this morning 11 april 2010. This would...
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    stamp duty paymenty delayed??

    I am about to settle on a property and understand that the conveyancers will need cheques to settle on purchase. My question is this, can i delay the payment of stamp duty for the 90 days( I think? in Victoria) purely to save on interest etc. :confused: I have the money but am just...