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    virgin mobile

    i would upload the links to the websites but i don't know how to link them. Sorry. Amaysin: TPG: then go to mobile
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    virgin mobile

    i am currently using tpg mobile. There are more included call value in their plan $550 to other carriers and unlimited calls to tpg mobiles and home phones and 1.5GB internet and the calls are slightly cheaper than the virgin plan you are looking at and it only costs $17.99 per month(even...
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    Direction for young investor. Town houses?

    i cant see the math being correct at all (but i could be missing something). $165 per week times 3 = about $24000 per year and so it will take you far more than 4 years to pay it off. Also where will you live while you are building the town houses? I will be interested to hear how you go with...
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    The Socceroos are pathetic, lazy, ball watchers.

    4-0 70 minute mark :eek::(
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    The Socceroos are pathetic, lazy, ball watchers.

    The socceroos started of ok but germany really forced them into defensive tactics. it is a bit tough on Cahill. he should not have been sent off for that tackle.
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    If I was going to buy more property, it would be one of these....

    Thx for the research, i can't see anywhere for a key word search in but I can see it in mike
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    Defacto couple separate with joint mortgage

    intersting state of affairs,,, I'd be interested to hear the outcome of this problem
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    How many Ip's needed to retire? (I am a bit shocked!)

    Hi Bayview. I looked at the spreadsheet you created and it is interesting. I just have one query/concern about the purchase price and hence the loan balance as you go. You assume proprty doubles every 8-9 years and yet each new property you list is still valued at 200k. Am i interpreting it...
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    4lot approved subdivision bargain

    interesting.... Where is it and what are the dimensions??
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    Hawthorn Is Booming

    Joe do you want a property for investment or as a pincipal place of residence because there us a big difference in demographics between hawthorn and werribee. Hawthorn is very wealthy area with lots of exclusive schools (private). If you are looking for a PPOR then you could also try...
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    private sale pricing??

    Why dont you get a few local agents to give you a valuation. You can then decide on whether the values are reasonable. You can also ask them to justify their valuations with recent sales in the same area. It will at least give you a price range/guide line on pricing.
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    Torquay/jan Juc area

    do you think an old home then is better value or does the newer home make it easier to rent? Is there a particular reason that you have 5 IPs in the one area? are you from this area.. is that the reason for the IP in this area?
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    Purchasing 2 at once.

    This is slightly off topic but since your talking about cross collat...mmm cross collateriziii...ahhhh cross collat thing. i have a question. I have two IPs that i have loans secured against my PPOR. The loans are still tax deductable because they are for income producing assests and the IPs...
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    Torquay/jan Juc area

    Thats what i was thinking of doing. I'm glad i'm on the same wave length as you
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    Molonglo -canberra next BIG ONE, 60,000

    do they ever ask you o leave as its not realy your land:confused:
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    Torquay/jan Juc area

    i am looking at the torquay/jan juc area for an IP -short term say 2 to 3 years and then possibly moving into it after this time. Does anyone have an IP there and are they easy to rent,no hassles with tenants, vacancy rates etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Ta Mike
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    Molonglo -canberra next BIG ONE, 60,000

    Well done on your choices of properties but do you buy on the outskirts of canberra or actually in rural areas to end up with positive geared property?
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    Molonglo -canberra next BIG ONE, 60,000

    just a quick question about canberra and the land it is on I have been led to believe that all the land in canberra is actually leasehold land on 99 year leases. Is this new land leasehold and what happens to the leases (on any canberra land) after the 99 years? Well two questions actually.
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    Using Excess money on an Investment Loan

    avoid this proportioning at all costs because the ato will keep the extra repayments in the proportions of the initial outlays. eg 300000 for investment and 100000 for personal means a 3 to 1 split so any extra repayments will be assumed to be repaying the extra in the same split this means that...
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    Possible to constantly accumulate properties?

    ok then, hubbies toys. They can be even more expensive