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    Breaking a lease

    Hi all, Im just half way through a 6 month lease (2nd 6 month lease on this place) and will be moving out early as my new home will be ready at the end of the month :) The current lease is due to expire on 19th April. In the agreement, there is a break lease fee of 4 weeks. As I...
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    Keeping a tilt a door open

    Hi all, My car will not fit inside the garage of a unit which I am moving into. It just hangs out so the garage door cannot close :( So it has one of those tilt a doors. Can they be fixed in a opening position so it cannot be closed? I dont mind leaving the door open. I just dont want the...
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    Feedback from DA assessment

    Hi all, Just had a preliminary assessment done on our dual occupancy DA. Couple of things we need to address, like FSR, setbacks, landscaping and the amount of concrete at the front :) Now the interesting thing is one of the neighbours has provided a submission about the overshadowing...
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    Selling agent in St Clair / St Marys

    Hi guys, Any recommendations for a selling agent in the St Clair / St Marys etc area? Im looking at selling my IP to fund my IP build. Thanks
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    Selling woes and vacant possession

    Hi all, Im selling my unit off at the moment and have a prospective buyer interested in buying. The unit current has a tenant in there on a expired lease. The buyer is asking for the contract to be changed from subject to existing tenancies to vacant possession. Im a bit reluctant to do...
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    Selling my IP, q's to ask

    Hi everyone, Im going to put my IP's on the market due to a change in circumstance. Im starting off by selling my 2 bed unit in Rosehill Sydney. Ive spoken to a couple of agents, one outside the area and the one who currently manages it. My question is, would it be more advisable to...
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    Fence prices and contribution

    Hi everyone, Just have a question regarding two boundary fences which the neighbour wants to replace. The back fence is ok, although a bit rough around the edges so I can understand why this needs to be replaced. Quote $70per m The side fence is in reasonable condition and looks fine to me...
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    Insurance for appliances and some repairs

    Hi everyone, Ive just opened up my latest rental statement and in the normally enclosed junk mail, there was a interesting pamphlet about some different kind of insurances available. Appliance cover lists that it covers repair or replacement of some...
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    Ducted air, value add?

    Hi everyone, Just got a call from the RE agent to say the old box air conditioner in the bedroom is no longer cooling. It doesnt really seem feasible to get someone out to look at it, as its probably 15 years old, and its not covered by insurance anymore. The price for a new split system...
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    Changing over utilities

    Hi all, Now my house has been rented out, when should I disconnect or change over the utilities? Water has been sorted out as the agent will get the bill and charge the tenant for the water usage. The gas and electricity has been changed over to my name, although I have never received a...
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    Animals in a IP

    Hi all, Just had some applications come through for my IP. One seems reasonable, although they have a dog, maltese something. They are upfront about it, which is much better than me finding out at a later stage. It also gives me the opportunity to put in some clauses about pets and sprays...
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    Interest only question

    Hi all, Just have a question in regards to interest only loans. As I understood, you are effectively only paying the interest payments, so the loan amount should remain static? The first repayment for my IP has come out and there is a difference between the repayment and interest charged...
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    Removing paint from aluminium window frames

    My house has been newly painted, although the previous owners that painted the house got a bit excited or lazy with the brush around the windows and there are marks on the frames. Whats the best method to remove the paint from the frames? Its not a dab here and there, fill brush strokes...
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    Adding too much value / my renos

    Well not really. But withdrawing money from the ATM today again to pay for some electrical work, I was pondering, am I spending too much money on my IP? The house was originally a 3 bedroom house in western Sydney (St Clair). The handyman Im using keeps telling me that Im spending too much on...
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    New drainage on a concrete slab

    Hi all, My IP settled last Wed :D and Ive got work starting already. Im creating a landry area which is adjacent to the bathroom. The taps for the laundry tub and washing machine arent really a concern as there should be pipes running through it for the shower. The drain however is a...
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    Caveat on title - mortgagee sale

    My conveyancer is chasing this up and I'll have more info next week, although just after some opinions. I purchased at auction a house which was repossessed. The title search had nothing out of the ordinary on it. Come today, D day for settlement and my conveyancer and lender both do...
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    Tradies and handyman for Western Sydney

    Hi all, Well my 2nd ip settles this week, so in a bid to get some quotes before Christmas, does anyone have any recommendations for some tradies and handymen in the Western Sydney area. Possibly looking to enclose a couple of areas and run some new plumbing. Thanks
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    Landlord insurance thread #??

    Hi all, I know there are bazillion other landlord insurance threads although this is more to do with coverage. More specifically, damage caused by tenants. Ive been looking around at a couple of insurers for quotes as I need to take out insurance for the settlement of my property. While...
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    No Laundry

    Hi all, Just purchased a IP which Im extremely excited about. There has been a sunroom extension that has been put out the back, although I think at a cost of the laundry. As it sits now the laundry is in a tall kitchen cupboard. I was thinking of relocating it to a area highlighted in...
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    Cool off period 5 or 10 days

    Hi all, Over the weekend, I signed a contract to purchase a property. On the Contract of sale, it has the standard 5 day cool off period. However, Ive signed a authority to exchange of contract form from the agent which has a extended cool off period of 10 days. Would the 10 days take...