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    Metro Sydney

    Does anyone have any recommendations where to buy in Syd? Im looking to spend under 800k if possible :rolleyes: i know i know :D Also looking for a decent block that is at least 15m wide where i can knockdown to build a duplex.
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    Townhouse/Villa Build over 3 blocks

    Hi All, I have been out of the game for a while now but i have caught the bug again. Currently i own a property in Riverwood NSW and i have 2 neighbors interested in getting DA approval and a build of townhouses and villas. The total land size is about 40m street frontage x 55m length...
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    Short Term Leases?

    Does anyone here that manages commercial property or owns them do short term leases? Is there any reason if the property is untenanted that you wouldnt take a 3-6 month leases:confused: Reason why im asking is because i have an idea for a business but i dont want to sign on for a year if it...
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    LLI / per room basis?

    Is there land lord insurance like this? I am looking into buying a house with international students already there. They dont have any rental agreement and they rent per room. They want to stay and continue renting. Just wondering what can i do about landlord insurance if i was to purchase...
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    Affordable Rental Housing Policy [NSW]

    Just got the above from my drafter. Does that sound right? I was asking them to design a granny flat at the back of my house. Hmmm
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    Fixed or Flex?

    What do you guys and girls do for the shower heads in the bathroom? Im thinking about a fixed square shower head but been thinking what will give a decent shower but save water too. I have a instant gas water heater (26/m) and apparently some water saving shower heads wont turn on with the...
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    Building a Granny Flat

    I was wondering, if i purchased a property and i plan to live in the property as my PPOR, can i build a secondary dwelling (granny flat) and rent that out? If i was to solely build the granny flat for the purpose of renting it out can i claim the building costs / interest payments on it...
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    gov insulation?

    Anyone have any ideas if this is coming back or not? I couldnt find anything on the government website about it.
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    Granny flat to dual occupancy?

    Right now the property i have has a 2.4m drive way so its not suitable for dual occupancy. If i build a granny flat at the back can i get it changed to dual occupancy if i choose to demolish the front house further down the track?
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    Roof Cavity

    Hi guys. I have a house which has built in ladders like the US style attics. I had a look into it and am looking into green tongue particle boards to cover the floor of the roof. Is there any other materials that would be better for the job? Im probably going to use the roof to store things...
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    Cost of a surveyor?

    I met with a designer/architect yesterday to see what i could do with my recent house purchase. He said to get a surveyor in to give a comprehensive site drawing of current buildings/levels of the backyard to see what we can do with it. How much does it usually cost to do one of these in...
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    Very small toilet

    I have a 2m L x 2.2m H x 0.9m W toilet which im going to tile. I was thinking of using 30x30 tiles for the floor and maybe 30x60 for the walls. Would these big tiles make the room look smaller than it is? Or would i be better off using smaller tiles like 20x20? Im using 30x30 so i dont...
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    House Alarm

    I recently purchased a house that has a alarm system. How do i disable it lol. I unplugged the power adapter to the main box but it started to beep after a few hours :rolleyes: Anyone have any ideas? :D
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    Hair line cracks on the walls

    I am going to repaint the house. I can see hair line cracks in some of the walls. I could i guess just paint over them but they will probably show themselves in the future. How do people normally deal with these? A builder i know has suggested that i make the hairline cracks bigger then...
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    Shower screens help

    I have 3 walls being tiled. I only need a door/screen for this shower. I have been looking into something like but where can i find someone that can do that in syd? I tried ringing them but i couldnt get in touch, plus i need it this sat to...
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    Can you claim back the strata levy on a IP?

    This will sound dumb but can you claim back the strata levy on a investment property? If so is it say $XXXX paid = $XXXX less from your total income over the year?
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    New Unit Guarentee

    Does anyone know what happens if i buy a new unit and it has the 7 year defect guarantee thing and if the builders go bankrupt? If there is something that needs to be fixed who will need to pay for it?
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    Buying via builder or Agent?

    There is a unit complex being built near my parents home at the moment. The builder basically told us they can give us about 8-10k discount by not going through the agent which i thought was pretty cool. But an agent friend told me that the agents will still be able to get the price lower than...
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    Hurstville Unit

    I have got a contract for a off the plan unit. It seems cheap but there are so many new units flooding the market at Hurstville. Unit due for completion in 18 months but they have a 40 month sunset clause. Anyone got any thoughts about this?
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    5 or 10% at auctions?

    Can i ask whats the difference in paying 5 or 10% at auction? :) Say if i got financing that only give me 80% of the price of the house, does that 5 or 10% count towards that? I think im a bit confused lol :confused: