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    SMH- Rent law revamp to lure investors

    WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?! :eek:
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    Builder in ACT

    um... take this advice was more of a 2nd hand reference than personal knowledge :) Pavilion Homes - > (their house building is much better than their website building :D ) They built a luxury house for a family friend a few years... very nicely finished and...
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    Tell us about your lifestyle (wages, job, age)

    1. 29 2. Academic (ex-IT web/DB monkey) 3. $70-80k 4. Married with a 1yo daughter 5. 3 IPs... first in 2003 EDIT: forgot the SWMBO :D 1. em... looking younger everyday ;) 2. project management stuff 3. $70k-ish 4. Married to me and mother of that troublesome 1yo girl 5. Equal partner in all...
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    24 yr old, still living at home..

    I did something similar.... not hard provided you work hard and keep track of where the money goes :) Though ppl often say that family and money doesn't mix well.... perhaps approach your parent's offer as more of a business offer where they come in as equal partner's for the purchase. Work...
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    Bowral 2nd airport

    I would agree with geoffw... sleepy country towns are nice places to retire where you can get enough land to do just about anything.
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    Does your REA give gifts on purchase or sale?

    one agent gave us a blue LED keyring light and a fridge magnet with their logo on it... supposedly an "upmarket" agency as well - needless to say I didn't bother to complete the customer satisfaction survey that was included :p My 1yo daughter enjoys the keyring though. The agent I prefer...
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    Fathers Day

    my daughter is too young to cook... prefers to bang cans together and then roll then across the floor. I got a digital camera "from her".... think the missus just wants to send me to open houses with it so she can relax :p
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    Would you buy a IP in the ACT????

    guessing a FHOG purchase? geoffw is right about the suburb... thankfully a drive by will give you a good indicator of the immediate neighbourhood :cool: Watch for the mattresses in the front yard and various rusting car bodies. If and when the remainder of the suburb gets cleaned up, it...
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    Telstra Smart

    a pay TV dish doesn't need to be mounted externally on a building and/or in public view :cool: depending where the house is... you might have coverage of other wireless ISPs. That also means VOIP for phone duties.
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    Is this deal any good?

    my experience is that they just sell cheap.... older listings go for 10-20% under market value due to the limitations of the lease and difficulty in allowing prospective buyers access. Negotiating the price will be difficult unless the vendor has a pressing reason to sell. With a year left on...
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    IT Question - Network monitoring

    google "server monitor" you will need to be careful with the firewalls. The basic monitors just ping like you want, but better firewalls will just silently drop incoming ICMP packets by default. the better server monitors have some form of client app running on each PC that can be assigned...
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    Anyone else got a slack milko and paperman?

    milko? don't even think such a thing exists down here in Canberra. When my sister and I were living with our parents in Rocky, there was a milko as we went though 2L a day of milk. My sister also is the only one in the family who doesn't have black hair as well ;)
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    what should i looking for? Cash or CG?

    I'm guessing they are asking whether to have cash flow +ve straight off the bat or have a -ve CF and hope for CG.
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    Barefoot viewing -shoes off to inspect?

    I agree with the others.... if sign says "please remove shoes before entering", then I do so. I tend to wear comfy sneakers anyways, so slip on and off just by standing on the heel. I used to live in China and what softmonkey said applies to ALL big dumb people, not just westerners.
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    Would you buy a ‘stick on brick’ IP?

    ah ok... I didn't realise it was fake bricks... I was thinking just a nonstructural layer of real bricks but up in front of the existing wall to hide it. fake brick panels sounds rather dodgy :p
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    Would you buy a ‘stick on brick’ IP?

    sounds like a description of brick veneer... which is quite common
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    2006 census says there is NO SHORTAGE

    meh... regardless of whether "losing" money while waiting for capital gains is a good or bad thing, it still comes down to risk. I am comfortable with the risk of negative cash flow because I am confident of sufficient capital gains over a long period. Like many others, I also have more...
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    What kind of hot water system do you have?

    mmm... think all of mine are gas storage... most likely a Canberra thing due to weather. My parents place (and their ex-IPs) were all solar with electric boosters... lot more warm sunshine in winter up in Rocky :p I notice new houses here tend to have 1 or more instant gas hot water systems...
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    Bought 1st house @ auction, now what?

    yes - my conveyancer normally reminds me... though that is also because I pay the duty before settlement often it is suggested to arrange it straight after exchanging... to make sure the vendor's insurance doesn't lapse and bad things happen that screw up settlement. I tend to value the house...
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    The old 5% gross yield yardstick to determine right price

    I was always led to believe that 5% was pretty damn ordinary.... often means a $400k place rents for $400/week cash flow neutral/+ve places would be those 8-9%