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    Mortgage broker smsf

    My best mate is looking to buy property in an smsf. I am looking for a mortgage broker who has plenty of expierence in this area and knows which banks offer what in this area. I don't care where the broker is located.
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    Move property to sold

    How long does it take for an agent to move a property from "under contract," but still under buy heading in, to the sold section of Property has settled today and it is still under buy area of Maybe when the keys are picked up tomorrow, the...
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    Potential negative gearing changes

    Will be interesting what the ALP proposes in relation to negative gearing changes. For property investors that know what they are doing, it will probably be great because it will give them interesting opportunities. I can't decide if getting rid of negative gearing will be good or bad for...
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    Sunshine results today

    Was in the sunshine area all day today. Below are the sale results I learnt today Property above was a weird auction. Apparently there were bids on them but I couldn't tell from whom as well as people around me. Got passed...
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    Apartment market sunshine/albion area

    If anyone is interested in the Sunshine/Albion apartment market please private message me to exchange thoughts on this (on an ongoing basis) or give me your thoughts on it. My girlfriend has just bought an aprtment in the area as a PPOR, so now that means I'm very interested in the market (I...
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    I am considering the following strategy for investing into property 1) Buy properties that have a decent yield in regional towns (population of at least 5,000) 2) Buy properties that I can buy for at around $150,000 max (at least at 1st stage) 3) Buy properties that have at least 2...
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    Holding costs of property in Tasmania

    I am just wondering what are the holding costs of owning a property in Tasmania? I noticed that land tax kicks in at a low rates (after $25,000k) For example a property with a land value of $200,000 costs over $1,000 in land tax. Are council rates and water rates a similar price than...
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    NAB: Stamp Duty Victoria

    Apparently NAB takes the full amount of stamp duty and 10 days later refunds the 50% stamp duty discount First home buyers get in Victoria. On settlement will the NAB take out the stamp duty on investment property rates or on PPR rates (assuming my solicitor contacts NAB that it is for PPR)?
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    I was wrong

    Before the RBA announced there rate cut I said that if the RBA cut interest rates I would expect all the banks to cut interest rates by at least the same as the RBA. Well NAB has proven me wrong. I have had a mortgage since start of 2009 and there has been numerous occasions when the...
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    Abolish Stamp Duty There is debate about abolishing stamp duty. If stamp duty was abolished, wouldn't house prices just rise to the level of stamp duty and we'll be left paying a higher GST...
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    Do rents ever go down significantly

    I have a question for history buffs and older members of the forum. Do rents ever go down sharply? IE. like the stock market or what happened to house prices in the USA in the last few years.
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    Is landlord heartless?

    I read an article in the hearld sun about a tenant kicking out the tenants because of late rent. The main income earner died. In my opinion the article was suggesting the kids should be able to live in the property for 30 days rent free. Reading the responses to the article many people agreed...
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    Tax Discussion Groups

    To Fellow Accountants, I am looking to join a couple of tax discussion groups in Melbourne. If anyone knows of any good discussion groups in Melbourne that have openings I would be interested in learning more about these.
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    Rental demand in Frankston North

    Sorry to post another Frankston thread. However as an owner of a property in Frankston North I'm interested in people's thoughts on rental demand in the area. From what I can gather from rents are rising with not too many properties available for rent. Is my observation...
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    The ATO power of data matching

    The ATO data matching abilities scares me as an accountant. However often the people working in the ATO aren't that smart. 2 examples ccome to mind on the above point. We had a client that reported CGT, however only reported the net CGT rather than preparing a worksheet on all the CGT. The...
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    Hot water system

    Tentant has advised that water in the shower does not stay at the same temperature and is always adjusting taps. My question is does anyone have a rough idea how much it will cost to fix the problem. We will get a plumber to look at it, but I'm impatient and would like to know roughly what...
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    Living in Melbourne CBD

    We are considering buying a 2 bedroom apartment in Melbourne CBD to live in. I see many properties at around 400k. What is it like to live in the CBD? What are the body corporates fees on an apartment in the CBD?
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    Not property related but I just don't understand

    I know governments need money. Buy why do we have payroll tax. I can make an argument for most taxes, but payroll taxes I just see negative issues with. If a government ablosihsed payroll taxes I think they may get revenue from other resources (IE. stamp duty) as it will encourage more...
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    In defence of tenants

    I have just read quite a few negative pint of views of tenants. We are property investors, not tenants. However I see tenants point of view. Often the place that tenants live in is there home. (Our tenants has been living in the place we own for 5 years and we have only owned it for a...
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    Abolish negative gearing Even though his analysis of business losses isn't excalty 100% correct he does have a point about negative gearing. We are negative geared at the moment, however on a public...