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    Breaking a lease

    ?? I should just fork over the full 4 weeks, or just pay the lower invoiced amount and be done with it?
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    Breaking a lease

    Its less. The lease agreement says 4 weeks. Ive been billed much less than 4 weeks.
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    Breaking a lease

    Still confused as ever. Got a invoice today for a break lease fee which does not equal 4 weeks rent. What are my choices here
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    Breaking a lease

    Nope quite aware of it as the break lease fee has been mentioned but also now agreed to reduce advertising costs + lease prep fee. Still keep asking if its just break lease fee, or the advertising costs plus any rent up until a tenant takes over. Cant get a clear answer so still up in the air...
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    Breaking a lease

    Interesting. I spoke to my agent today who advised my break costs are: 1 week letting fee, advertising costs, lease prep fee plus any rent until a new tenant is found. Although in my lease it mentions the break lease fee. I have asked the agent which one would apply.
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    Breaking a lease

    Hi all, Im just half way through a 6 month lease (2nd 6 month lease on this place) and will be moving out early as my new home will be ready at the end of the month :) The current lease is due to expire on 19th April. In the agreement, there is a break lease fee of 4 weeks. As I...
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    Duplex common wall?

    Boral have the partiwall system which as RPI said is fire rated appropriately. You'll probably find the cost of a double brick wall better for sound insulation. We originally were going to use a partiwall system but then the builder advised it wasnt much more of a cost if any.
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    Keeping a tilt a door open

    Hi all, My car will not fit inside the garage of a unit which I am moving into. It just hangs out so the garage door cannot close :( So it has one of those tilt a doors. Can they be fixed in a opening position so it cannot be closed? I dont mind leaving the door open. I just dont want the...
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    Freestanding house and Torrens title on Ryde, NSW

    For transport, being close to Victoria Rd is good. Thistle st is close and you have the M52 at Victoria road which is not a bad run due to the limited stops past Top Ryde. You can also get the 507 from there, although it will take ages as it goes to Meadowbank then through Putney and onto...
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    Gladesville good for first home?

    Takes anywhere from 30-40 minutes to get into the city. Its not that bad considering and the bus lane traffic is pretty free flowing. Basically the bus lane runs all the way up Victoria Rd from Ryde. I leave home around 7am and am in there normally within 30-40 minutes.
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    Feedback from DA assessment

    Yeah they have an array of 15 and 7 panels. 15 at the back say and 7 in front of it. The quote is for: - Move 15 panels back 15cm - Move 7 panels (currently on tilt system) back against the 15 and lay them flat on the roof (flat tin roof) $2500!!! I understand they have the array, and the...
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    Feedback from DA assessment

    We're still going back and forth with the council re: our duplex plans but are nearing the end of it I believe. I got a copy of a email which was sent by the neighbours. They are wanting us to pay for moving ALL of the solar panels, when only about 3-4 panels will be affected. In addition...
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    PMs near Harris Park / Parramatta

    Richardson and Wrench - Merrylands got a few good wraps when I was looking / inquiring, although I ended up selling before changing my managing agent in Parramatta.
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    Insurance - help needed

    Have you tried EBM or Terri Scheer? Im not sure how they compare in terms of coverage with AMP though
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    phone bidding at auctions

    I bought one of my IP's over the phone with the selling agent and it all went to plan. Had no dramas with it and could hear the action in the background, while I was at my desk working away :)
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    Feedback from DA assessment

    Thanks for the info. My architect spoke to the assessor and they were quite good about it. We're doing some minor changes to the plans to minimise the overshadow in the neighbours backyard, although with a two storey house that has a gentle downwards slope towards the neighbours, there will...
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    Feedback from DA assessment

    Hi all, Just had a preliminary assessment done on our dual occupancy DA. Couple of things we need to address, like FSR, setbacks, landscaping and the amount of concrete at the front :) Now the interesting thing is one of the neighbours has provided a submission about the overshadowing...
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    Selling agent in St Clair / St Marys

    Thanks, stuck with the same company which did the property management. Sold it quickly and with a price I was happy with. I find the west is still doing well for sub $450k places.
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    Selling agent in St Clair / St Marys

    Hi guys, Any recommendations for a selling agent in the St Clair / St Marys etc area? Im looking at selling my IP to fund my IP build. Thanks
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    Selling woes and vacant possession

    Hi Lizzie, I dont think the tenant will have any problem moving out, but in the back of my mind, its just a worst case scenario. Looks as though Ive got another potential buyer so Ive just extended the settlement out to 8 weeks with vacant possession. If the tenant is out earlier, then I'll...