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    Driveway Recommendations

    Hi All, I have a driveway of sunken pavers and it's time it was redone. As a first step, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what material to use? Main consideration for me is durability, i.e. I want it to last and I want it to remain in good nick. So in order of...
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    Painting newly plastered walls

    Hi, I've just had some walls "hard" plastered (render + skim coat) and now need to paint them. I've been told a couple of weeks to let the walls dry out should be fine but the longer you can leave them the better. Not sure what is fail safe? I understand the first 2 coats should be...
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    Has anyone remove a split system air con unit?

    Now I know this should be done by a professional, but lets assume I don't want to pay a professional :) I understand there are two ways to do this: 1. Bleed the system of refridgerant before disconnecting and removing. This would involve turning on the unit, then turning off the high...
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    Anyone dealt with peeling paint on the ceiling?

    I've got sections of my ceiling where paint is peeling off. I understand to fix, one must sand right back, seal then paint. Most likely though, none of the ceiling was sealed properly before it was painted and so it may only be a matter of time before the rest starts to go. It's a 25 yr old...
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    Termites ate my skirting boards

    Only happened in a single room, but I'm thinking of redoing the boards in the entire house. Does anyone have any advice on doing this? Things I know and/or have thought of: 1. Run a paint stripper along the edges between the wall to ensure you don't pull paint off. Then ease the...
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    Effect of subdivision on existing loan

    We've got a mortgage over an IP which we are subdividing. I understand that after subdivision and sale of the rear block, the bank will revalue the front house and land, and we will then be required to pay down the loan to 80%. However, currently the loan is 90% LVR as we took out LMI...
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    Kitchen, bathroom and laundry - Perth

    Can anyone recommend a good company in Perth to do a kitchen, bathroom and laundry reno? Not looking for high end, not looking for flatpax, somewhere in the middle. Would prefer the same company to handle the lot if possible. Thanks, Gooram
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    A list of tax questions

    Hi, I'm undertaking my own tax return using eTax and there's a few questions I have that are still not quite clear. Would love it if people could contribute and/or clarify my answers. Maybe even add your own questions. Q. Loan establishment costs A. Deductible over 5 years (includes LMI...
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    How much to you pay your accountant to do your taxes?

    I know this is how-long-is-a-piece-of-string type question, but I am yet to use an accountant for my tax return, and am considering using one this year. As portfolio grows, it becomes more of a hassle, and good accountants aren't willing to give me a quote on my return, which is...
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    Tax Implications on Subdivision

    Hi, Consider this scenario. A house bought for 500k. Subdivide and build on rear block and retain. So the value of the original house has reduced, by say 15%. This house is rented and negatively geared. After the subdivision, I assume the bank would secure the original loan (lets say...
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    Calling all Subdividers

    Hi All, I'm currently contemplating a subdivision and was wondering if anyone could provide a itemised costing of one that they have done recently or in the past. I've got quotes for the feature survey and application to council and lodgement fees, as well as quotes for services (water and...
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    CGT on subdivision

    How do you calculate CGT when you subdivide your block, build on the rear then sell? i.e. what is your cost base from which profits are calculated to pay CGT? I assume building and subdivision costs are taken as is. What about land costs, do you the value of the land when originally...
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    Any private landlords had a tenant break their lease?

    Just wondering what other peoples experiences are with this situation. My tenant has just called to say that they can't afford to pay rent anymore and are moving out this weekend. She is quite reasonable and is aware that it may cost her her bond. After reading the legislation, it...
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    Can I adjust my tax return from a previous year?

    Let's say "a friend of mine" made a mistake on their tax return and didn't include a significant deduction, is it possible to re-claim for the applicable year? If not do you know of any process that allows you to adjust a claim in any way? Thanks.
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    Anyone else looking in Perth at the moment?

    I've been sniffing around certain areas of the perth market for a few months now looking for my next investment, and I kinda like what I see. Prices are going down, vendors sights are set a little too high I think, and they're starting to realise they need to be more competitive on price...
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    'To Let' ads in Perth's northern suburbs

    Hi, What is the best avenue for advertising properties for rent in the Perth northern suburbs area? I seem to remember a dedicated paper for northern suburbs RE when I was up there hunting around a few years ago. There was a lot more advertisements for the area that were in the West...
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    Question for the Brokers

    Hi, Up until now I've always sourced funding directly from my local bank manager at the CBA. This has been fine until now but because of my offset account, they see me as a lot more indebted than I really am. So, I was wondering if I need to get creative, or if I need to find a different...
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    DIY Settlement

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a good resource for handling your own property settlement? I"ve got a bit of time on my hands atm and thought I would at least investigate whether it was possible to do myself and save a grand. Thanks! Gooram
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    About to buy PPOR, what's the best way to finance?

    Hi Forum, I've been out of the loop for a while on a sabattical. I've just returned to Perth and the property I have been renting has been offered for sale to my partner and I for what we think is a great price. I have the cash in the bank for my half of the price, it's currently...
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    Munster (Perth)

    Hi, I'm seeking some feedback from any residents or investors in or around Munster in Perth. It's immediately south of the new Coogee marina however contains the Woodman Point waste water treatment plant. I'm particularly interested in a large block to the north east of the plant but...