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    RBA Reduces rates by 0.50%

    BankWest only reduced it by 0.32%. What a rip, considerating CBA dropped it by 0.40%.
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    Selling property to family

    Hi all, I am in the process of selling my property to my parents at market value. We have agreed on the price and have the cash available. As I still have a mortgage, my parents is planning to get a bank cheque to pay off the loan. What is the process of here on in? Do I need a contract...
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    My story

    Hey Darren, great thread! Well done on the makeover. Am interested in doing this myself too, just need some advice from a pro ;) 1. How much did it cost you to get someone in with a bobcat to remove the concrete and level the place? 2. "I got the same guy to deliver the road base material to...