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  1. agitated

    Need to refinance?

    I currently have a LOC on the mortgage for PPOR which is turning into a IP (dont you love the all the acronyms), do i need to refinance to make it a IO offset account for easy management? or can i continue to use the LOC? From what i researched the offset account is the way to go, but if i...
  2. agitated

    Sell or Rent?

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Sound's smart to keep the old PPOR and rent it as it will be CF+, as i wont have anything to lose really. Now just have to figure out how this equity thing works, feel like a total newb at all of this :confused: On another topic, I currently have a LOC on the...
  3. agitated

    Sell or Rent?

    We've just moved to be in a more desirable location, locked into a 12 month lease so guess we cant go cheaper for now. My sis-in-law just moved in with us as well so we'll be getting $150 a week from her so that will lessen our load. With my salary around the mid $90k i dont imagine we would be...
  4. agitated

    Sell or Rent?

    Hi everyone, just joined and Trying to research whats the best thing to do for my current situation. We have just moved into a rental property (paying $580 a week for a 4 bedder) in a suburb we wanted to live in after being in our PPOR for the last six years (in chipping norton), in which we...