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    End of an Era

    Joined the new site. Thank you so much all SSers and Moderators :o
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    ANZ staff lend 90pc no lmi?

    Digital marketing in an agency. Non bank at all. Now I'm in a bank :)
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    ANZ staff lend 90pc no lmi?

    Oh damn, I'm only 9 months in. And also a CBA customer, do they do any exception Brady? It will save me a lot of headache with accumulating deposit :p
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    Buying In Indonesia

    Oh wow, you're well informed. I live there in my childhood during the 1998 riot and several years onwards. House were destroyed and the girls were raped and killed. Not a great memory (apart from not needing to go to school). It might be different now, but my memory on how Indonesian born...
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    Airbnb and Strata

    Security risk will be my concern as well if owners within my building is doing a short term BnB list. Regular tenants are listed and accounted for by building manager, but even then we have things broken and stolen within common area. If people are changing every couple of days it'll be a lot...
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    Neighbour abuse and defamation

    Some friends got this as well. I think the perpetrator must have been so bored and have a lot of time to care about other people's business. Can you print out all the nasty texts with respective name and put it on a board for everyone to see? Titled "Harassments I received when doing research...
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    Medicare Levy

    I'd personally get one, especially when your income attract Medicare Surcharge. I use the insurance mainly on the extra - yearly no gap dental treatment, this year - glasses, the remedial massages, acupuncture and osteo (75% back) :p
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    Buying In Indonesia

    The above are very important. I am not saying that it's impossible to make money there. However the culture, system, legality, ethics etc there are very different compared to how it is in Australia. Fail to understand the above and you will likely get in trouble.
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    Neighbour abuse and defamation

    From experience, nope! Not everyone want to speak up or get into confrontation.
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    Neighbour abuse and defamation

    Keep all the defamatory emails. Keep log on all the abuse. Save money then go sue them :p I assume the aggrieved party didn't do anything wrong tho? Why do this person specifically target this unit owner?
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    Uh oh. I've done another green DIY kitchen

    I quite like it! Prefer metal handles for the cupboards tho :p
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    Clueless unsupportive mother

    I tell my parents every now and them, and their responses are similar, usually out of concern. So I just said, "Understand your concern, don't worry, I've got that covered" and repeat. No further details needed unless they ask :rolleyes:
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    Need to change this bathtub?

    Thank you :o Ended up with this guy, cost $580 for bath only This is the photo in between. The bath is in pretty bad condition
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    So what did you sacrifice?

    Uhm, not being able to see positive balance in my bank account? I don't drink I don't go to pubs I don't go partying I go holiday within means I eat out within means I choose area I can afford to live None of the above considered sacrifice though. Just common sense.
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    Need to change this bathtub?

    Just a quick update. After a lot of consideration, we opt for resurface. There are just too little time to arrange a total rip out. Due to the condition of the tub, we will need to do reno on the bathroom in 1-2 year time or so when the tub gives out :( On the flip side, I have tenant...
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    Body Corporate woes...

    The main reason why the rules are there is because hanging clothes (even without underwears) is considered unsightly and might reduce public perception of the building and unit value. Silly? Maybe. But if you don't abide they can impose a penalty you for not abiding to the by law. Is it an...
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    Purchasing a Puppy

    Hey Nem - Why English Cocker Spaniel? They need a lot of exercise or otherwise can be skittish. They also have some hereditary issue, so you will need to check your breeder and talk to them. Good breeders will never let their puppies go to unsuitable homes and would take them back for rehoming.
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    Pics of Your Pets!

    One with fluffy butt
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    Rent by Owner

    Depends on where the property is. In NSW you can only ask max 2 weeks in advance. More than that the tenant need to agree.
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    Brisbane bargain GET IT NOW

    Nope, link please :p