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    Development/Construction Finance on End Value

    Hi everyone, A question on Construction/development finance. Who out there will lend on projects based on end value of the project. We are doing some luxury house and land packages on the Sunshine Coast and require funding for them. Interest rate isn't a major concern, we just need...
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    Finance on New Construction

    Hi everyone, We have some land on 12 months builders terms for the construction of house and land packages and am having trouble finding finance. We also have some without the terms and have had no problem financing them at 100%. The problem is with the builders terms, they have issues...
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    Brisbane Cashflow Night - Friday

    Hi everyone, Apprentice Millionaire is having its first Brisbane Cashflow Night this Friday night the 4th of July. We are kicking off at 7pm at the Riverside Hotel, 20 Montague St, West End. Cost is $5. Sorry for those of you not in Brisbane but we will be announcing Sydney and Melbourne...
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    Cashflow Night

    ApprenticeMillionaire is having its very first cashflow night in Brisbane. The other cities are following very shortly. Details are as follows Venue - Riverside Hotel Address - 20 Montague St, West End Time - 7pm Date - 4th July 2003 Cost - $5 So to register (please do so we can...
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    More pictures of our latest renno (Internal)

    Hi everyone, Here are the kitchen pictures This is the before [ EDIT: moved image to photo gallery and replaced with image link - Sim' ]
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    Latest Before and After Pic

    Hi, Thought you might enjoy some pics of our latest renno I only have before and afters of the front (the rest are coming) This is the before of the front [ EDIT: moved image to photo gallery and replaced with image link - Sim' ]
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    Investment Opportunity - 15% p.a.

    Hi everyone, We have a couple of more investment opportunities. Both are investments of around $40,000 We require the funds for a period of 2 years and are offering 15% p.a. fixed for the period of the loan. Mortgage security is available. For more information I can be contacted...
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    Apprentice Millionaire

    Hi everyone, We have just launched our new website, Apprentice Millionaire. It is a free fortnightly newsletter profiling successful people from all walks of life. Subscribe to the newsletter at Kind Regards Rick Gibson Apprentice Millionaire
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    Brisbane Freestylers Meeting - Wednesday Night

    Everyone, The last Brisbane Freestylers meeting of the year is on this Wednesday night, the 13th of November. We are starting at 7.30pm and running through to 10.30pm at the Greek Club, 29 Edmondstone St, West End. We have a great night planned for you all, all that we ask is that you reply...
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    Investors Required

    Good Morning Everyone, We are currently looking for investors/partners to help us fund wrap purchases up here in Brisbane. We will pay 15%, monthly or quarterly (you decide) and we have a minimum requirement of $35k. The amount will be written as a private loan agreement giving the...
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    Brisbane Cashflow Tonight

    Brisbane Cashflow Night is on TONIGHT ! ! ! Everyone, cashflow night is tonight Thursday the 31st of October. It will run from 7pm to 10pm at the Geebung RSL - Blue Room, Newman Rd, Geebung. Great news for everyone who needs public transport - it is right next to the Geebung Train station and...