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  1. JFisher

    Kudos Etiquette

    It took me a while to work out what the little green dots were for! Since I have worked it out, I have often wondered... what is the 'polite' thing to do when someone gives you kudos? Do you PM a thankyou or do you kudos in return? I didn't respond in either way to the first couple I was sent...
  2. JFisher

    Independant PM's

    I read N.Jenman's book 'Don't sign Anything' where he says that Real Estate Agencies that offer PM services do so as they have another motive; to ultimately be able to sell the property. Does anyone feel that independant PM's would offer better service and are there any out there? I can see...
  3. JFisher

    Meet the (HDT) Knockers!

    I have recently talked to my solicitor and accountant about setting up a HDT to begin our IP portfolio. My accountant wanted to know what benefit I thought I would get from operating in a trust aside from some asset protection. He seemed to think that if the bank want your property they will...