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  1. Banvard

    Millers Point Airbnb? Two one bedroom apartments sold together.

    I wonder how something like this would go on airBNB. Needs a renovation... But not much airBNB competition in the area.
  2. Banvard

    Recovering arrears after the tenant vacates

    I have done as much reading as I can but I am not totally clear on how this works. Most threads only cover getting the tenant out. After that mostly people seem to say recovering money is very hard, but no specific process. So what is the process exactly? I understand you can get an...
  3. Banvard

    Plumber call out - Strata vs Owner responsibility

    Right, so any of the pipes in the walls are strata responsibility. If you have a blocked drain and your PM sends a plumber, and it turns out the blockage is past the section of your responsibility (ie a strata problem), who pays for the plumber? I got a call today about an IP sink not...
  4. Banvard

    Correct me on the exact process and timeline for NSW Rental Arrears?

    Ok, I have read through a bunch of other threads and the residential tenancy act but I want to make sure I understand it correctly. (I am somewhat new to this with 2 properties and not having faced these issues before). I want t a second opinion to what my PM has said. As I understand it...
  5. Banvard

    Granny flat question - original house outdoor space.

    Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I could not find it. I know granny flats need a certain amount of outside courtyard space. But what about the original house? How small can its backyard become? I can't seem to find this info. Any help is appreciated!