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  1. AndrewScottMusi

    Nhan Nguyen's Property Investor Seminar

    The following recordings are surplus to my requirements, so I'm selling them on Ebay. RRP on the cover is $497, but this auction starts at $10. Entrepreneur’s Property Weekend Live recording on 8 CDs covering a 2 Day Course run by Nhan Nguyen, best-selling property guru. Topics include...
  2. AndrewScottMusi

    Small Subdivision Opportunity

    There is a property for sale in an outer suburb of Adelaide. It's a very fast growing area. The property is 200m from a cinema, across the road from a large park, 400m from a high school, 500m from shops, and buses to the city go past the front gate. There's a decrepit building on the land...
  3. AndrewScottMusi

    Property Options

    Admin, I couldn't find a Property Options thread, so I started this one. I've recently joined the property options game, and I'm at the stage of learning the rules. So far I've made the following observations: ***It seems that we need to find "motivated sellers" for the strategy to work. In...