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  1. Bargain Hunter

    Not Land Tax Party @ NSW Election

    With the NSW State election coming up just wondering if anyone would vote for a candidate representing something that you agree with but so restricted that you have not idea what else they stand for...
  2. Bargain Hunter

    Every Woman Deserves a Washing Machine

    OK, OK. Before you start throwing things at me I'd just like to point out that the Mitchell Library currently has an exhibit called 'On Sale - Shops & Shopping' and one of the exhibits is an old advertisement for washing machines with the catch phrase listed above (see attached). Not only that...
  3. Bargain Hunter

    What traits do investors have in common?

    Reading the forum I am often surprised to see the number of comments, tags and generalisations applied to investors. So I decided to take a moment to consider what traits investor's have in common. Here is my list. 1. Higher than average intelligence - they make Einstien look like a dunce...
  4. Bargain Hunter

    Unlucky or What?
  5. Bargain Hunter

    The Real Estate Musical!

    Hi All, Anyone interested in going to see OPEN FOR INSPECTION! THE REAL ESTATE MUSICAL! this Saturday @ 2:00pm? It's on at Darlinghurst. Let us know if you'ré going and we can catch up over a coffee. We will be in seats C9 & 10.
  6. Bargain Hunter

    Oops too much

    Looks like a bad day for this fellow. Perhaps one or two less bags of cement may have worked.
  7. Bargain Hunter

    Remember as a buyer the REA doesn't work for you

    Remember as a buyer the REA doesn't work for you. How many times have I read this or even said this myself, but really is this true? REA's know they need to get listings and this is when they put on the charm with the vendor, but seriously if they can't turnover the properties they are sunk...
  8. Bargain Hunter

    Do You Allow Pets?

    I read the following in a magazine; There's nothing sadder than the three words, 'no pets allowed', as to me it means 'no unconditional love allowed'. My heart aches everytime I see those words in a real estate window. I believe having pets in your life is more important then worrying about...
  9. Bargain Hunter

    Are agents allowed to reveal other offers?

    Having been in the game for sometime it amazes me that some agents will tell you what other offers have been made (perhaps they make them up) while others will say it is unethical to reveal the current offer. If I was selling a car and I was made an offer which I said, 'let me get back to...
  10. Bargain Hunter

    What the ANZ Small Business Ad really means

    At last I have figured out what ANZ is trying to say in this ad. If you want Jack, go to ANZ ;) Regards Andrew
  11. Bargain Hunter

    How do you tell if you are a true Aussie?

    From the Sydney Morning Herald. "TODAY you'll probably want to party, celebrating all the things that make us unique. But how do you tell if you are a true Aussie? Here are my 43 top ways to tell if you're a local." Regards...
  12. Bargain Hunter

    Changes to NSW Residential Tenancy Law

    You only have until the 31st December to review the proposed changes to the NSW Residential Tenancy Law.
  13. Bargain Hunter

    House for $10 on ebay

    For those Victorian Forumites if you have a vacant block near Rosanna perhaps you can bag a bargain.
  14. Bargain Hunter

    Painting over nicotine stains

    One of our properties has become unexpectantly vacant and we decided to do a bit of a spruce up. The original owners appear to have been heavy smokers so most of the ceilings and some of the walls where badly stained with nicotine. We used sugar soap and Zinzer paint but the stains...
  15. Bargain Hunter

    Calculating Make Good Costs

    Hi, The company I work for is considering vacating one of their smaller offices. It is a 1st Floor Office in Adelaide of approximately 372sqm. The original plan was complete open plan. We have set up a number of meeting rooms and reception. Is there a standard cost per sqm which...
  16. Bargain Hunter

    Negligent PM. What can be done?

    Hi, I need some help. We have been having trouble with one of our PM's lack of statements, shortfalls in payments, and therefore not knowing exactly what is going on... The short of it is that it appears that a number of tenants haven't been paying but as we have no statements we...
  17. Bargain Hunter

    The $750,000 Sydney harbourfront bargains

    For those who wouldn't buy housing commission, think again. The housing department wants to free up some funds to create new housing, the deal is on a 99 year lease. Don't know how you get on the shortlist. Read about it at...
  18. Bargain Hunter

    Drink Driving not a crime if you're skinny

    Although NSW has zero tolarance for P platers, a Sydney judge allowed a youth who returned 0.8 to be released without conviction. Not only was she drunk, she did not display her P plates and she went through a red light. This is insanity, when are these judges going to be brought into line...
  19. Bargain Hunter

    Capitalised costs for subdivision and PPOR

    We purchased a dual occupancy lot and live in one while renting out the other. The loan is split so that the PPOR is P&I and the other property is IO, this allows us to pay down the PPOR while treating the other part of the property as a normal investment. The property is subdividable and we...
  20. Bargain Hunter

    Call to pay Rent Asistance to Landlords

    A politician given time off from the frontline has had a chance to think. Craig Emerson, a former frontbencher, has made the call for Rent Assistance payments made to low income families to be paid directly to their landlords. This he says will avoid the money being misspent. Well, dur...