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  1. tobe

    Opinions requested

    So, I have 6 investment properties. During the GFC my personal circumstances were such that it has been impossible to borrow since about2009. Lately I have been able to borrow again, and pull some equity out. I have about $200k. So the question is, what should I do with it? More resi...
  2. tobe

    woodridge managing agent referral

    Can anyone recomend an agent in or around Woodridge for me?
  3. tobe

    building on PPOR and then selling

    So at the weekend a new home in our street went for an obscene price. If we were to do the same, that is knock down our house, build a big new house there and then sell it, are there any tax implications? We wouldnt be living in the new property at all, however the land (and the old house)...
  4. tobe

    Melbourne apartment market oversupplied? From todays age, More apartments are being built in Melbourne than at any time in the city's history, which experts say is being driven largely by overseas...
  5. tobe

    low doc changes

    Rams is now doing Low Doc loans to 80% LVR without LMI. Interesting development when the rest of the market seems to be going the other way with risk and pricing etc..... I wonder if this will be shortlived, or if other lenders will follow?
  6. tobe

    Adelaide bank restricts LMI cap

    Sad day. Adelaide bank now restricts their LVR to 95% inclusive of LMI. Seems its now only bankwest that capitalises LMI above 97%. Interestingly Rams recently changed their maximum to 98.5%. Shame, I was writing alot of adelaide bank thru mortgage managers and getting the credit...
  7. tobe

    Matusik Fail Following on from some posts about the bikes and the new law in Queensland, we have an opinion piece by a mildly known property commentator and estate agent. Shame he didnt do any research into the piece apart from listening to 3AW or 2UE. If...
  8. tobe

    New ANZ switch process

    Submitted my first 'loan change request (non credit critical) form today. lets see if it is really as easy as they are trying to make out..... I must say Ive had an awful time with ANZ assessment recently, getting an odd shopping list with every submission. It'd be lovely for this new...
  9. tobe

    No LMI Medico package

    Rams now has a medico package. 90% LVR no LMI. Dentists, Pharmacist, optometrist's and Vets... Interesting its not restricted to first purchases, they will do purchases, refinances, debt consolidation, and equity release, which Im not sure the other medico packages do. So yeh, interesting...
  10. tobe

    refi tax debt

    Hello Broker minds. Does anyone know a lender who isnt a non conformer who can refinance tax debt? 80% lend against multiple unencumbered residential securities. 1.2 loan amount.
  11. tobe

    ANZ moves .27%

    woohoo, and 3yrs fixed 4.99 with their package
  12. tobe

    boundary dispute

    Hi, My first investment, bought about 12 years ago now, is a small miners cottage in ballarat. build about 100 years ago. Anyway, the neighbour emailed me through the agent and said my driveway was actually a shared driveway, and he would like to pull down my fence and use it too. he is also...
  13. tobe

    negative gearing

    theres been a few threads on this topic. Recent article went thorugh some of the numbers, and an interesting quote from Peter Costello, which was cute... Work for a living and we’ll tax you at close to 50 cents in the dollar; speculate and we'll only take 25 cents. Not only that but, as a...
  14. tobe

    serviceability rates

    A question for the brokers out there. With reserve rates now close to where they were during the GFC, banks will be passing on variable interest rate cuts (hopefully) and also cut their 'servicing' or plug rates they use for assessment of capacity. Apart from ING, who have a 'floor'...
  15. tobe

    property manager for Hastings victoria

    Hi, Anyone have a recomendation for a good property manager that will manage an investment property in Hastings (3915) Victoria? Hastings is in the mornington pennisular, behind frankston/mornington. Cheers.
  16. tobe

    how to finance a new car

    Id like to get some feedback and suggestions on a little scheme Im trying to hatch. We have 3 kids, and the family car, a 7 seat Zafira is on its last legs. We would like to get a new car (or nearly new), but Id really like to avoid paying for it! At least with after tax dollars. Had a bit...
  17. tobe

    alternate funding ideas

    The builder I work for has a client who had great dificulty getting a loan. He has about 30 credit enquiries made in his name (he says it wasnt him) when he first came to australia. He got the deal done, much to my surprise at 80% and settled the land, and has approval for the construction...
  18. tobe

    Vic FHOG/ Bonus for construction to stay

    the new government has announced the special First home bonus for first home buyers buying a new property is to stay for another year.
  19. tobe

    Finance article in this weekends AFR

    I'm not clever enough to put the link up, but there was an interesting article whose headlines were on the cover of this weekends AFR. The article went into depth about the new credit reporting regime, (moving from a negative to positive model) which has already been signed off by governement...
  20. tobe

    ANZ LMI policy tightening

    Just thought I'd share a recent conversation I had with an ANZ LMI assessor yesterday. It was a major shock, no wonder their turnaruond times are 2 weeks. I work for a major builder in Melbourne, most of my clients are first home buyers, and almost all are building because they dont have the...