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  1. scha9799

    Insurance company

    Hi all, just wondering which insurance company do you guys use ? and how is your experience your insurance company when it comes to claim ?
  2. scha9799

    Can I pull back from the offer ?

    Hi All, I put on an offer for a property on Wednesday. ( 3 business days ago) I signed the contract and sent the contract to the agent. I have not yet received any formal signed contract from seller, but agent emailed to me said the offer had been accepted by the seller and need the...
  3. scha9799

    Good deal found

    I found a good deal, but I only have 48 hours to buy. Due to my current financial situation, I can't buy it right now...:mad::mad: The deal is in Sydney, anyone ?? help??
  4. scha9799

    Does a granny flat have to be at back of the house ?

    Hi, Does a granny flat have to be at back of the main house ? What the main house has a very long setback, can a granny flat be build at front ? Any one have experience putting a granny flat at front of the main house ?? Thank you
  5. scha9799

    In NSW, exhange contract without settlement ?

    Hi all, Just wondering if the contract exchange but on the settlement date the buyer can't settle the property due to finance issue. What happen to the deposit ? What will happen to the buyer ? What will happen to the seller ? thank all
  6. scha9799

    Rick Otton Boot Camp material 2013 for Sale $500 Negotiable

    Hi All, I have Rick Otton Boot Camp material 2013 for Sale $500 PM if you would like it. Happy investing :)
  7. scha9799

    Slope backward or forward from the street ?

    Hi all, Is there any way to see if the block of land is slope forward or backward ?( falling away from street or towad street)? Would it says on the contract of sale ? or is there any software ? from naked eyes the block it is hard to tell if the block is falling backward or backward...
  8. scha9799

    living in a bubble

    Hi all, I found this interesting and also scary Happy investing
  9. scha9799

    85% LVR without LMI possible ??

    Hi, Here is one question, at current lending environment, is 85% LVR without LMI possible ? it is for the refinance. If it is possible, what sort of interest rate will it likely be ? I am thinking to refinance one of our properties, but not sure if it will be worth it. Thank you
  10. scha9799

    Foor Space Ratio --- FSR

    Hi all, Can someone please kindly explain how does FSR work in NSW? How does it affecting the development potential ? What's the pitfall need to watch out for? Thank you Regards, Taylor
  11. scha9799


    Hi all, I am looking into buying a DA site in Smithfield Sydney. It's a duplex site. (3 bedroom attached duplex) Does anyone have any idea about the area and resale price for Smithfield and Fairfield ? Any comment Thanks in advance
  12. scha9799

    How to become a real estate agent ?

    Hi, I am just wondering how to become a real estate agent ? I want to open my own real estate agency or represent some builders to sell their properties. What's the process to become an agent ?
  13. scha9799

    Car has clean title ?

    I am looking for buying a car from a private seller. How do I know if the car is not stolen and has clean title ? What does people normally check before buying a car from a private seller ?
  14. scha9799

    BarterCard ?

    Does anyone hear about Bartercard ? any comment ? or any user ? Please kindly share some insight
  15. scha9799

    Taxi Plate

    Hi Does anyone have any experience in investing in Taxi Plate ? How does all the buying and selling process going ? how does it make money ? also, how does it lose money ? Taylor
  16. scha9799

    Tenant can't get gas

    Hi, The tenant complain there is no gas for hot water and stove for cooking. it is due to the my unit block is repairing the gas system. Question: As a landlord, what can i do ? the rent is $420, does anyone think I should give them discount ? by how much ?
  17. scha9799

    403 parramatta road leichhardt

    I am interesting in buying a property at Parramatta road Sydney. there is a shop front and 2 bedrooms on the top. If I want to get a bank loan to fund this deal, is this classified as commercial lending or residential lending ? what's interest rate like currently if it is commercial...
  18. scha9799

    Joint venture how does the mortgage work ?

    Hi all, I have some fund available for 20% deposit and borrowing capacity for buying a property. Someone (person A) has a piece of land wanted to build a house on it, however, he doesn't want to use his money. This property is register under person A's name. Person A agrees after...
  19. scha9799

    ..... or Nominee

    In QLD and NSW, when i purchase a property I am not sure if I want it to be under my own name or trust/company name, or even flip to someone else. Can i put my name or Nominee on the contract ? Will it attracts 2 stamp duty payable if flip it to someone else or my own company/trust ...
  20. scha9799

    Blacktown granny flat built council development contribution

    Hi, Does anyone know how much the council contribution ( development contribute) is for a 2 bedroom granny flat in Blacktown council ? Taylor