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  1. Ironlady

    How long to exchange contracts

    Hi all We had an offer accepted 5 weeks ago. We signed and put deposit 2 weeks ago. The agent told us the seller wants a fast settlement and we agreed. The seller has not signed yet (nearly 5wks). Would someone wanting a fast settlement normally take that long? The agent did say that her...
  2. Ironlady

    Can we sell with 8% Yield

    Hi all We told the agent we want to put in a good tenant with a good lease, wait and then sell. As mentioned in a previous thread the property is 125 office + 125 Workshop + 1050m industrial land in Kurri kurri (Hunter Valley / west of Newcastle) When asked what we want we said about...
  3. Ironlady

    When to advertise

    Hi All I mentioned in an other thread we are going to try and rent out our industrial workshop. (thanks for the help) The property should be vacant in April 2013 (please don't hold me to that ) We need to finish some contracts, tidy up the property bla bla and get out. The questions are...
  4. Ironlady

    Does agent negotiate lease

    Hi We have never tried to lease out a commercial property Dumb Q. but do we talk to an agent or solicitor first ? Any ideas in this area would be great Thanks Ironlady
  5. Ironlady

    Sell tennanted or vacant

    Hi We own a small light industrial workshop with 120m office + 120m ws on 1050m land in regional 2hrs from sydney. It will be located 2-3 min from the F3 extention when it opens late 2013 giving better access to the Hunter Valley (mining) and Newcastle. Our contract work may or maynot last...