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  1. Bargain Hunter

    Is an ensuite addition possible?

    I agree with Jane's thinking provided you are happy to lose the fireplace and the finished floor allows for the plumbing installation. Much cheaper than extending the footprint, and doesn't result in difficult lightwell access.
  2. Bargain Hunter

    Needs or wants

    Being financially independent so as not to rely on the government is a valid goal. However as long as we pay taxes we will always be interdependent, and if in their infinite wisdom the government provides a tax incentive I can take advantage of I will not reject it. In regard to dependence...
  3. Bargain Hunter

    Do you know your neighbours names?

    We know our direct neighbours names and a couple of others in the street but we don't know their kids names and wouldn't necessarily know them if we met them in a different environment. We don't have street parties and keep mostly to ourselves unless we need some loan documents witnesssed in...
  4. Bargain Hunter

    What economic group did you grow up in?

    I started with nothing and have kept most of it... Our family was lower middle class. My father was a storeman/forklift driver, mother stayed home and looked after the seven kids. My dad never earned a fortune but he built our home, sent all the kids to catholic school, and paid off the...
  5. Bargain Hunter

    This is a bit Rich

    I'm easily pleased but something's things just rub me the wrong way. I don't give a rats how good the food or the service is, if I'm getting ripped that's the last time I'm going there. :eek:
  6. Bargain Hunter

    Have you consider where your super goes when you die?

    Or I have so little that it will all be gone
  7. Bargain Hunter

    So what does everyone here do for a living?

    Project Manger, Site Superintendent - Construction
  8. Bargain Hunter

    Share your story if retired before 53 in Australia

    That's assuming that you love what you do. For me work simply gets in the way of things I want to do. Retirement does not necessarily mean you sit on your hands and do nothing.
  9. Bargain Hunter

    Share your story if retired before 53 in Australia

    Ask me in a couple of months :p
  10. Bargain Hunter

    Western Sydney Meeting - Wednesday 25/03/15

    I have to be in Canberra on Wednesday, will try to get back in time. :confused:
  11. Bargain Hunter

    Underquoting and jaded buyers

    Even if the vendor signs the listing contract with an estimate of the value from the agent, the vendor is not committed to sell at that price.
  12. Bargain Hunter

    Seven habits of chronically happy people

    Someone who smiles in the face of chaos has already found a scapegoat. :D
  13. Bargain Hunter

    Bathroom respray - Improvement or repair?

    If you have to replace tiles and are unable to match the original then would painting them so they all match be a repair or an improvement?
  14. Bargain Hunter

    The Great Reverse Government

    Clearly there are some people who cannot work and therefore need ongoing support throughout life. There are others who fall on hard times and need support while they get back on their feet. Then there are even more people who will never earn enough money even working overtime to get a decent...
  15. Bargain Hunter

    Invest or payoff debts - question on another forum

    We're currently retiring some of our debt and reinvesting, appears that's not an option :confused:
  16. Bargain Hunter

    The stupid idea of a new vendor's tax

    So it's only to catch speculators but there is not mention of the period of 'speculation' I thought having to pay full CGT on short term ownership was meant to cover this but apparently all property investors are speculators. The most overtaxed investment strategy around yet still comparable...
  17. Bargain Hunter

    What are you grateful for?

  18. Bargain Hunter

    Contract with vacant possession but i want to keep the tenant.

    If you want the tenant to remain in the property you state this in the contract. If you have signed a contract to the contrary you will need to amend the contract however you should confirm that notice has not been given as the tenant may already have made other arrangements. Regards Andrew
  19. Bargain Hunter

    A win for the buyers!

    I think many agents are surprised themselves at how hot the market is and the offers that are coming in. 'Offers over' only work in the current market, and by the time the changes get through chances are that the market will have slowed. Gone for the moment is an offer being accepted 10%...
  20. Bargain Hunter

    Warning labels

    I don't think anyone is criticising food labelling per se, just obvious labelling, nuts may contain nuts, milk may contain dairy, etc... Labelling of satay may contain nuts makes sense because the warning is not the product itself.