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    Steve McKnight mega conference June 2014

    Ah there is a name from the past...McKnight... All I think of when I see his name is cash flow... Sadly I had none of it when it mattered most...when I was negative gearing my bum off but it never did work out... My mindset is now completely different after my own painful efforts to...
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    10 reasons to buy in Brisbane

    Was there any info re Gold Coast in that report?
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    Cracks in walls!!

    If the foundations have failed it could be a nightmare...ask him how he came up with the 6k?
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    Cladding / Bricking a fibro house

    Also the reveals on the windows will not cover the back of the brick if you go that will be quite expensive if your talking about foundations,brickwork and windows
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    Wall cracks / reactive Soil? - Horsham

    Oh no,I was hoping you we're subdividing the problematic property.
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    Pre-purchase property inspections

    Excellent post Fudge...... It might be a good idea to put a checklist up on my site for those who might be interested in seeing what is inspected..
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    Weekly Update (Melbourne)

    Do you have an info graphic or stats on housing approvals in Vic? Thanks
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    Wall cracks / reactive Soil? - Horsham

    Yes, good post.. Kesse,have you noticed the cracks getting bigger or have you checked during winter when it's not as dry that they close up? Thnaks
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    contact to check load-bearing walls in apartments

    Yea let us know how you go....I would be interested in a follow up
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    FAQ: How do I buy in a different city?

    I just read that Brisbanes prices are still below what they were 5 years ago...and aside from a short burst in Melbourne I would say pretty much on par with each probably comes down to how well you buy in each case which is one of the most important principles you can follow...
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    An Interview with Propertunity

    Thanks for the link...I enjoyed the interview..good work
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    GST on sale of property

    hi there, approx 4 years ago i purchased an old home and built 2 units side by side. they have been rented out since built. the intention was never to sell but poor cashflow means i will have to sell one. i did NOT register for GST at the start for the purpose of building these units...
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    Confirmation of the heat in Melbourne - New median 420,000

    Hi Peter, Im in Bacchus Marsh and i understand the ripple effect working its way out of Melbourne but yields arent anything like the last cycle out this way. I just think the ripple will take quite some time to get out here this time round as affordability and interest rate rises will...
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    Re-pointing info

    hi Ger Just use a small grinder with masonry disc and grind out or go an inch deep. Then hose down to get all the dust out before repointing. Mix 5 sand to 1 cement which is a touch stronger than normal for repointing. Can be messy without the right tools so go to bunnings and grab a very...
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    How to Assume a Mortgage

    hi Emil, In that case im talking about Sandwich Lease Options. So many other creative methods. Everythings on the internet,you just need to modify for Australia.
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    New Business

    Good luck with it all. Just thought id mention Dan Kennedy,an American who knows Business and Marketing very well. Has a number of books available,so find which one might suit your needs now. Do you have a site we could have a look at?
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    How to Assume a Mortgage

    hi Emilov, Your on the right track but we cant assume mortgages here. But we can take care of them and control the property with an option with an agreement at a later date to purchase. All done without getting a loan.You can also assign that property before even buying and profit that...
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    IP Under $100k in Regional Victoria-How to sell??

    Sell on a rent2own basis or with vendor financing. Will get full price for both with out a problem.
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    which job would you take?

    Its not,but theres plenty to gain from researching CREI. Ive learnt theres so much more to RealEstate than buy and hold,thats all. If you know there is plenty of upside to your life after the 12 months at the bank,its an easy decision. Good luck.:)
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    which job would you take?

    Research creative realestate investing in those extra 8 hours per week for 1 year then give the bank job the flick.