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    GST on sale of property

    hi there, approx 4 years ago i purchased an old home and built 2 units side by side. they have been rented out since built. the intention was never to sell but poor cashflow means i will have to sell one. i did NOT register for GST at the start for the purpose of building these units...
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    Building a website

    hi guys just wondering how to plug in calculators and other links? I am using Quadrahostings site builder which is excellent.
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    Business name registration

    hi guys, just wondering if you can register a new company/business name in Victoria if the exact C/B name is registered in another state?
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    How Might This Be Taxed?

    As builder ive been wondering how this scenario might pan out. Say a customer wanted me to build them a brand new home but had no deposit. I suppose they could get 100% finance(maybe) NO/LOW DOC,but this is obviously dearer than a mainstream lender. Say the costs involved meant that they...
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    hi guys just wondering if anyone can tell me if Insulation bats(walls,ceilings)are fire resistant? I assume they are but have never officially confirmed it.:confused:
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    sq feet/sq meters

    Just wondering what method i can use to convert sq feet to sq meters quick and easy. thanks
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    Would you if you could.

    To build or not to build? Been thinking about this for a while. If someone could build you a unit/townhouse in your backyard (stca)obviously,with the final VALUE of newly built property at LEAST to the value of the existing,would you? The existing would most probably be getting a bit...
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    Hi Guys,this is probably a question for those that have been investing in property from late 1980,s but not necessarily so. Just wondering what happened to YIELDS & VACANCY RATES when the recession we had to have hit? With people losing jobs,building construction low and no_one buying im...
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    5 unit site/joint venture

    hi guys im looking at a 5 unit site in outer Melbourne and a very good friend would like to be involved.(4 units for me,1 for him). I have a trust set up and just wondering how best to set this 80/20 JV up. I am bricklayer/builder so the job will be entirely managed by me. Dale has...
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    20% pa, Minimum

    Just wondering how everyone goes about setting targets for themselves. I figure setting goals for myself to be very important as it will push me to remain on course for a particular outcome. I have personally done well over the past 3 years but with a bit more purpose i could have done ALOT...
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    Bare Minimum

    With regards to Passive income/converting equity to an income stream what are youre opinions on the Bare minimum in equity you would have to have before retiring? I suppose you would want to be conservative in case a very flat 5 years or so of growth happened. At 5% an income of 50k...
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    Capital Growth Investors.

    Very interested to hear the thoughts of all you Cap Gr/Neg Gear investors out there re a cashflow positive property with little or very minimal growth prospects. How many dollars must it put in your pocket after exp for you to show interest in an IP like this and sacrifice some equity so to...
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    could someone recommend a morgage broker for my sister in_law in Ballarat please? Darren
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    Seminar Clashes (was Jan's workshop)

    It certainly is a pity that Jans seminar clashes with day 2 of Steve Navras course. Actually surprised both courses were orginised on the same weekend. Darren
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    105% loans

    Can 105% loans ever be stand alone or must they always be XCOLL? thanx Darren
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    Another tax Question.

    If i was to set up trust for property could my self_imployed income go into the trust and be distributed to my wife and self equally thus saving some tax? maybe even my kids? thanx Darren
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    Value Adders/Renos

    Was interested to hear from u folks who do Renos. Do u have set rules on how much to spend on each reno? What is the minimum gain u would look for? Are there many of u that buy/reno/refinance/& duplicate straight away? Besides hidden costs (plumb/elect)are there many other pitfalls of...
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    USA Jeremy

    hi Jeremy been searching for yearly growth rates re diff USA states without luck. Do u have a link for this info? thanx Darren
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    Creative Financing.

    Answers Please. Buying parents home and have just about run out of serviceability and was considering my options. They will move into one of my new units for life after the settlement. Had an idea during the week which they are fine with as they understand what im doing (Property...
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    The Reno;Priceless experience.

    Two weeks ago it was revealed that my mother/father in law were leaving their very rundown rented house and shifting to a very run down property on the lake which by the way they owned but due to recieving $80/week rent and paying $40 /week for where they were the $40 was a bonus as they are on...